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“Who Has A Black Best Friend?” The CW’s ‘L.A. Complex’ Posed A Serious Question In Season 1

"Who Has A Black Best Friend?" The CW's 'L.A. Complex' Posed A Serious Question In Season 1

There was much to be said about the first season of the CW’s L.A. Complex, and its storyline involving  characters Kaldrick and Tariq.  So much so that I decided to watch Season 1, so I’d be caught up as the second season begins.

Good thing I did; otherwise I would never have seen this nugget-of-an-exchange between two white characters about the casting of a black actress as a “best friend” to a white character in a show within the show.

Check it out and leave your own opinion on the subject.  Is she correct in her assessment?  And if it’s true, could a real-life dialogue like this have silenced the critics of HBO’s Girls?

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Be careful that the person you call your" best friend" or simply friend, when asked, is saying the same thing when asked about you. You may be surprised at their answer.


Well, when I created my web series, Breaking Point, I cast the show completely colorblind. At no point did I write any stereotypical traits or ethnic identifiers for any of the characters. And in the end, I had four friends- two black (they're sisters), one white, and one Latina- and only for a minute or so did I contemplate whether it was weird or realistic. My answer was that it was real for my characters, because of how I wrote them and their meshing personalities. Also, because the experience is true for me. While my black friends outnumber the others because of church, my neighborhood growing up, and my time at an HBCU, my universe has expanded with work and extra curricular activities. I have friends of who are Asian, white, black, and Latina soooo, I would say she's incorrect. :)


I loved season 1 of The L.A. Complex. It's one of the few self-aware, industry-critical shows I've seen in a while…even at times more than Episodes. Season 2 premiere was last night, but I haven't had a chance to watch it. I hope they keep that spark from season 1.


I dig this show and I am glad they focused on this subject. Nice but I'd love to use this forum to discuss renegade or guerilla movie-making. Email Please!!

the black police

1. TV and Film world is not real life. Adding a character of a specific ethnic group is often a way to add racial/ethnic diversity and get a diverse (and as such bigger) audience. It is often a business decision. 2. MOST people racially/ethnically segregate themselves willingly. Most black people will choose black friends if blacks are available. Most whites will do the same. And so on. And there is nothing racist or bad about that. 3. Some people DO have friends of a different racial or ethnic group. I'm not sure why this is such a mystery.


LOL!!! That casting director will never call her in again!!!


That's really funny. I laughed out loud when she said they were "going black" in a room full of black girls, which wouldn't happen. I've had all kinds of best friends over the years from white to Mexican to Asian (and sometimes all at the same time). But I gotta say the one's that stuck have been AA. So they have a point, but I can also say that most of my black male friends aren't dating white chicks and TV doesn't seem to have a problem with the emerging stereotype, so…

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