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Will Mariah or Mary Join “American Idol” Next Season?

Will Mariah or Mary Join "American Idol" Next Season?

Now that Steven Tyler has officially announced that he will not be returning to Fox’s TV American Idol next season and Jennifer Lopez has making very strong hints that she won’t be returning either, the question is who will be the next judges?

No doubt the producers are looking for someone who will help boost the sagging ratings for the show. In fact this past season’s finale posted the lowest ratings ever for a final episode of Idol.

Well according to media reports, Mariah Carey is the No. 1 pick to be a judge for next season and is currently in negotiations to join the show  According to one insider involved with the show: “She’s in play. They are in serious talks”

Simon Cowell has previously twice before tried to get Carey as a judge for his The X Factor talent reality show.

However, according to Bloomberg News, Idol producers are also considering Mary J. Blige to join the show as a judge as well. If this is true then most likely Blige is probably a back-up choice in case the talks with Carey fall through. 

As for poor old Randy Jackson, the talk is that he will remain on the show, but will no longer be a judge, but will be moved to a new “mentoring” position on the show.

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I think Mary J Blige and Mariah Carey should both skip American Idol it is a sinking ship. The show is losing a lot of viewers. Jennifer Lopez made the right decision to leave American Idol she wants to focus on her film career. American Idol also takes up a lot of time remember there is the whole audition process which takes months. So it is a huge commitment if Mariah or Mary decide to be on American Idol. Do they really want to lose six months out of the year on a show that's losing viewers?


What American Idol needs is that one judge like Simon Cowell. Honesty and truth about performance, with a bit of sarcasm for levity. That, and some limits on voting so more diverse contestants can rise to the top. Mariah or MJB are OK, but if they're going to be nice or stroke egos with no real creative criticism, then the show will still be in trouble.


Although I think American Idol may be on its last leg, this would definitely be a good move. I could see either of these ladies being great judges on the show. I remember last season when MJB was a guest mentor on the show and I was impressed. She was a great. That said, last season was completely underwhelming in many ways. Changing the judges may help boost the ratings a bit but with shows like X Factor and The Voice giving American Idol competition, I don't see the show going back its glory days in the ratings. But hey, we'll see…


Either lady would be a good choice. They both have the personality, success and longevity in the music business that would allow them to be good judges. Mimi was also AMAZING as mentor in one of the previous seasons. People online were surprised at how good she was, but I never doubted her. People underestimate Mariah's intelligence and songwriting skills.

The show has had multiple problems, one of them Ms. Kdldy has already pointed out, and another problem is the fact that some of the judges had no business being there. J. Lo (although I like her in general) does not have the vocal skills or longevity in the music business to qualify as a judge of singing talent. Ellen Degeneres also fit into that category.

Son of Jason

Someone like Elton john could save the show.


BEST MOVE… poor ol' "YO DOG MAN" Randy Jackson sent to the sidelines. I mean, without a doubt Simon Cowell was the best thing smokin' about American Idol. So when he left, nobody could ever fill the void. Besides, dain't cool Randy is not a "lead" character. Subsequently, regardless of the talent and revolving door of judges, the show will never be the same. But now we have Mariah Carey (good name) and Mary J. Blige knocking at the door. Hmmmmmm, I believe a few "must haves" an entertaining judge must have — is — confidence, a strong personality and a quick wit. Also, I believe it's essential that a judge has the ability to say what's on their mind in the most concise way possible… get in — and then — get the hell out, ASAP. Having said all of that, I think we can all agree that picking Mary J Blige might be akin to choosing the Champ from Harlem Nights. Come on now, can't y'all see it? Ms. Blige as the Champ, as a judge: "Contestant nuumber two, don't ttttt-take this aaaaaa-ass whooping ppp-personally but you're going home. Now sistah gurl #1, here's the 411 on the run, hun, here's the 411. You got it goin' on hun. A yo, you got it goin' on, hun. W-w-w-well… y-y-y-you's gettin ready to b-b-b-be's a rich nigga… you see, cause, c-c-cause you's knockin' em the fu*k out, and next week… you bout to be the next American Idol!"


Who Cares, The show is whack!! Everybody knows that only Little White Boy "Teen Heart Throbs" have only been winning on American Idol lately. The true talented persons lose because of Teen White Girls picking persons by texting and voting due to looks. I say they should limit the voting, then there would be more of an even playing field. It's a damn shame last season when Jessica Lopez a Mexican & Filipino young lady clearly won and Joshua Ledet came in third, Are you serious? Even if they hire Mariah or Mary, I'll never look at it again, due to the unfairness of the voting on that show. People need to win a show due to pure talent, not looks. Also they used to have real talent win, now American Idol is just a joke. I like the show the Voice it is more realistic and even like Simon Cowell's new American X Factor, better than this bull (you know what)!

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