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Andre Braugher Takes Audiences Inside The Mind Of Captain Marcus Chaplin (‘Last Resort’)

Andre Braugher Takes Audiences Inside The Mind Of Captain Marcus Chaplin ('Last Resort')

This is one a small handful of new fall season shows I’m looking forward to checking out.

It’s great to see Andre Braugher headlining this; and from the below trailer, I’m definitely digging what I’m getting from it, and look forward to that pilot.

An actor I think we’d all love to see get more and more screen time (both on TV and in theaters) Mr Andre Braugher plays the lead role in this new ensemble ABC drama titled Last Resort.

What’s Last Resort about:

The project centers on the crew of the U.S.S. Nevada, a nuclear submarine, who, after disobeying a suspicious order, become fugitives. They land on the island of Sainte Marina, where they take over the NATO Listening Station and declare themselves an independent nuclear nation.

I like how that reads. And no it’s not a J.J. Abrams or Shonda Rhimes project, since both names seem to be attached to everything (nyuck, nyuck).

Although it does sound like something Abrams would produce doesn’t it?

Braugher stars as Captain Marcus Chaplin, the commander of the U.S.S. Nevada, a combat veteran, leader and a patriot, but very much his own man.

And oh, by the way, Last Resort comes from Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield – the same dude who’s teamed up with Eddie Murphy to reboot Beverly Hills Cop as a TV serieas.

The Emmy award-winning veteran actor will likely be most recently remembered for his Emmy-nominated work on the cancelled TNT dramedy Men Of A Certain Age

When this was first announced several months ago, I recall asking what the chances were that Braugher won’t be the ONLY non-white actor in this new series’ ensemble cast; based on the trailer below, it looks like, while he appears to be its star, there are some supporting roles for black actors especially, on the island of Sainte Marina.

First watch the trailer below (which we actually posted in May), and then, underneath, in a brand new video released yesterday, Andre talks about the character he plays:

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Ken Hollis

Crimson Tide "NOT" NO DENZEL PLEASE! Just a good tight drama!

Ken Hollis

No BULLSHIT … JUST A GOOD PROGRAM! No LOST, Or TWENTY FOUR"24" just a good clean tightly written script and well produced show! Andre Braugher is not Kurtz in the HEART OF DARKNESS ….. Please ! NO SUPER MEN OR WOMEN! Just people please!


Premise of this show appeals to me not one bit, but dammit if I don't love me some Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman. Giving it a shot only for them.

Chris L. Robinson

Please be good, please be good, please be good! Because it LOOKS like it could be good. But…it has kinda been done, contrary to Braugher's interview. On the sci-fi series, Babylon 5, Earth's president is assasinated by his VP. The captain in charge of the giant space station, Babylon 5, declares the station (and its 250,000 inhabitants) to be in secession. It was an awesome series. I am a big Braugher fan–let's do this!


Hollywood and these posters…..If he is the star, why do they have him off center towards the right? It's like Hollywood is scared to put a person of color in a place of prominence, even on a poster.

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