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Anti-Obama Doc Over-inflates Success

Anti-Obama Doc Over-inflates Success

Okay, so the anti-Obama doc “2016: Obama’s America,” based on conservative author Dines D’Souza’s book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” is continuing a solid box-office run in theaters, but it’s not nearly as successful as the media is reporting. And it’s not just conservative outlets that are touting its triumphs. For instance, even ABC News misreported that the film’s $2.4 million in ticket sales has made “it the 12th highest-grossing political documentary in history,” which seems like it was excerpted from a press release. The statement is highly skewed, considering the loose definition of “political documentary.” While $2.4 million is definitely a good number for a theatrical documentary, it’s no record breaker. (In fact, it ranks 64th, according to Box Office Mojo, but you won’t see that statistic in the news.)

This year’s “Bully,” a documentary about bullying, for instance, earned about $3.5 million this year, but I don’t see The Weinstein Company sending out press releases, touting the film as the 6th highest-grossing issue documentary this year. It’s a clear case of over-politicizing statistics, something that’s all too sadly familiar in this highly contentious political season.

Here’s a run-down of the box-office performance of several docs, which, as you can see, many of them far exceed $2.4 million.

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M. Powell

Just bought two tickets to 2013: Obama's America, clearly telling the ticket seller the movie and time we wanted. We were given tickets to another movie at another time in another theater. Seems like this behavior might also skew the statistics of how many people are going to see this movie.


Could you demonstrate a bit more left wing bias in your title "Anti Obama Doc….." ?
BTW it IS NOT anti Obama, it merely explains to the viewer the mind set & attitude & possible reason for some of the behaviors we see in Obama & what we will be experiencing IF this individual is re relected.

Why The Hate?

Why is it terrible that a right wing film is having success, as you point out, there are many many films that are just as left wing that are having or had success. I do not see why you attack this film because it does not fit into your point of view. I thought that acceptance and change was the purpose of Obama's campaign.
Disillusioned in O.C.


IT'S NOT OVER-INFLATING — You may not like it, but accept the truth. — As stated before the has a category INDICES => genres => documentary – political. Fahrenheit 9/11 is top #1 BUT 2016 obama's America is 12th and will be climbing up after this weekend (08/24/2012)


You are absolutely wrong. You went to the source but you didn't go deeper; like maybe if investigated much further. The has a category INDICES => genres => documentary – political. Fahrenheit 9/11 is top #1 BUT 2016 obama's America is 12th and will be climbing up after this weekend (08/24/2012). The thing wrong about the so called BIG know-it-all person when the truth is in their face , they like to do the switcheroo and hope the people are dumb enough to fall for it.
All of you out there (Americans); Do yourself a favor; educate yourself about the president and watch this movie. It will solidify your opinion him. As it stated; Love him or Hate Him but do you really reaLLY REALLY know him. A very thought provoking documentary.

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