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Ben Affleck Confirms He Won’t Be Directing ‘Justice League’

Ben Affleck Confirms He Won't Be Directing 'Justice League'

Earlier this month, the trades fell over each to write up something about “Justice League.” It was first reported by Variety that Warner Bros. wanted Ben Affleck to helm the movie and were planning to meet with him, but then, literally hours later, Deadline parried with their own story that the actor/director had already turned the job down and that their rival trade mag was playing a bit fast and loose with facts. Well, a couple of weeks later, it has all come out in the wash and it looks like the latter was right.

Affleck, who is gearing up to start promoting “Argo,” has clearly and coldly shot down any notion that he’ll be helming the superhero movie. “I’m not working on the ‘Justice League.’ One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that’s how rumours get started,” he told 24 Hours, with a hint of burn sauce. ” ‘Justice League’ sounds really exciting, but it’s not something I’m working on.”

Somehow, geekier folks are claiming that this isn’t an outright denial and leaves the door open because Affleck didn’t rule out working on it in the future. So you hear that, directors and actors? If you want to make it clear you’re not working on a project, you have to say you will never ever ever work on it at any future point in your mortal life. Ridiculous.

So, who should took the director’s chair now that Affleck and Christopher Nolan are both out as options? Who do you think can make “Justice League” work on the big screen?

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Neill Blomkamp


I'm still not overly keen on the idea of a justice league film. To casual audiences it'll seem like they're riding on The Avengers' coat tails and to hard-core fans it'll seem … well pretty much exactly the same. I just can't picture a film-version of Batman working well on the same screen as the Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Works in the comics because, well, it's a comic. Films need to be treated differently. Marvel got there first and did it better than I can imagine DC and Warner achieving, as good as their Batman films have been.




i'd vote for duncan jones


Who cares for this other than nerds?

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