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‘Boardwalk Empire’ Star Shea Whigham Latest To Walk On The Set Of Terrence Malick’s ‘Knight Of Cups’

'Boardwalk Empire' Star Shea Whigham Latest To Walk On The Set Of Terrence Malick's 'Knight Of Cups'

Here’s how we imagine Shea Whigham managed to snag a role that may or may not end up being in the final cut of Terrence Malick‘s “Knight Of Cups” when it gets released in….oh, let’s say 2015. Dude probably woke up, and ambled his badass self down to a local coffee joint to grab his morning cup when he saw some cameras rolling and a few trucks and personnel standing by. Curious, he grabbed his coffee and muffin to go (he was hungry) to see if he knew anybody on the production and just to check out what was going on. Then, emerging from an ethereal mist, Malick materialized, whispered in his ear and ten minutes later, Whigham found himself trading lines with Christian Bale.

Our fanciful thinking aside, it should be noted that these images showing the excellent “Boardwalk Empire” actor in action (he was also great in “Take Shelter“) were actually snapped way back at the end of June. Of course, there’s no word on the plot or what all this is about, except that the title refers to a tarot card representing a contradiction, mood shift, or a change of mode, particularly pertaining to love and relationships.

Anyway, just add him to the lengthy cast which now includes Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Isabel Lucas, Antonio Banderas, Imogen Poots, Freida Pinto, Teresa Palmer, Ryan O’Neal, Jason Clarke and Joel Kinnaman. And just remember, Malick starts shooting a second movie this fall with Rooney Mara (which he was already done some pre-production work for, hence those early snaps) so even more random mega-casting to come. [via We Got This Covered]

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Terrence Malick says "Can you act? Good? Do you want to be in my film? You'll play a guy who says life is like a praying mantis. Then we'll cut to you sitting isolated in a empty field. Good? Great. I'm going to go ask the cast of Justified if they want any roles in this."


Whole movie is a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises. Terry is on some next level shit here folks.


It seems likely his casting may have had something to do with his presence in ALL THE REAL GIRLS and TAKE SHELTER as Malick has been something of a mentor to fellow Austinites David Gordon Green and Jeff Nichols.


Don't forget Jason Clarke.


Oh I hope Shea Whigham makes the final cut. I've decided at this point in my life that EVERY film can be improved with a little Shea Whigham.

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