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Brad Pitt & Denzel Washington Might Walk Into Stephen Gaghan’s ‘Candy Store’

Brad Pitt & Denzel Washington Might Walk Into Stephen Gaghan's 'Candy Store'

It has been seven years since writer Stephen Gaghan got behind the camera and delivered “Syriana,” and while he has kicked around a variety of projects since, lined up various producing and writing gigs (including doing a polish on M. Night Shymalan‘s upcoming “After Earth“), there hasn’t been much word on a directorial outing. But now comes news of a project bubbling forth, with two heavyweight names eyeing the lead roles.

THR reports that Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington are in early talks to star in “Candy Store,” with Jamie Foxx also eyeing a part. And that’s about all we can tell you. The film is said to be a “crime thriller” but aside from that, there are zero plot details for the movie that is set up over at Lionsgate. Last fall, it was reported that Gaghan had two other films he was looking at the directing — the Chinatown underworld flick “The Snakehead” and an untitled drug cartel drama. But the former doesn’t a studio home and the latter is over at Warner Bros., so it’s neither of those flicks.

Now before you lose your balls on a potential Pitt/Washington pairing, note that this is all very early, Pitt circles lots of stuff that doesn’t get made, and if neither of these guys sign on it could slow things down. But promising? Hell yeah.

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This duo teaming didn't happen for Ridley Scott's American Gangster – they were both attached to star in the early stage… but somehow Pitt made another mistake same as he did with The Departed and passed on it (not that he's been doin' anything bad lately, this dude has gained so much respect on the last 5-7 years, that it almost seems unbeliveable he hasn't got yet, that thing that he wants probably more then Angie, ; – ) you know that oscar thing)… Hope this happens but what would have been even better would be a Gaghan's screenplay and a David Fincher on the director's chair cuz he just got out from Cleopatra project.


I'd "lose my balls" if this duo were attached to an Andrew Dominik crime thriller. I like the idea of Washington and Pitt in something though.

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