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‘Braveheart’ Writer Randall Wallace Believes ‘Heaven Is For Real’

'Braveheart' Writer Randall Wallace Believes 'Heaven Is For Real'

Well, this is a bit unexpected. Randall Wallace, the writer behind such manly fare as “Braveheart,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “We Were Soldiers” (which he also directed), seems to be showing a softer side of late. A couple of years ago, he delivered the wholesome Disney horseracing movie “Secretariat,” and now he’s lined up a movie about a little kid who goes to heaven. We’re not fucking kidding.

Variety reports that Wallace has signed up to develop an adaptation of Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent‘s best-selling book “Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back.” The apparently based-on-a-true-story tale follows a little kid who has a near-death experience, and claims to have visited heaven. Naturally, no one believes him in the small town where he lives, but he soon starts mentioning details about the various folks who have passed away. Get out the hankies.

Yep, it’s a big play toward the faith-based audience set who can turn stuff targeted their way into box office gold. And if the spend is low and the rewards high, we reckon it’s a good investment for Sony. But as a movie it sounds pretty manipulative and terrible, but then again, we’re not the target for this kind of stuff. Christopher Parker (“Mulan 2,” “Vampire In Brooklyn“) is writing the script, which Wallace will make sure is godly enough or whatever. But until that happens, Wallace has a couple of other projects percolating, including “The Conscientious Objector,” which he’s aiming to direct, and “Gunslingers,” which he penned and which has Vince Vaughn attached to star. Not to mention the Viking movie he’s doing with Mel Gibson. So yeah, we’re still baffled by “Heaven Is For Real” in the scheme of all this, but maybe Wallace sees something in it that we don’t.

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Randall Wallace

Mr Wallace,
Heaven is for real.
In 1985 had went to heaven myself.
Had article in Woman's World Magazine.
Yet the amazing things that had went through was amazing gift from Jesus.
Expect a miracle they happen each second.
Deborah Jordan


Braveheart is my all time favorite movie. Thank you.
I have an awesome story for you. If you want it.
The screenplay has been 35 years in the making. Great story to set the captives free. Contact me on this email. Thanks. The Lord bless you, Randal.


I was interested in your story because God gave me a book about heaven called (thengodsaidtome) please read it on line,thank you


Who are 'we' here? You? Don't you think some of your readers might have faith in God? Believing or not believing is totally up to you. But it's a simple story about a boy who said to have visited heaven. I can't say his heaven is exactly same as what Bible describes about heaven. But it's his story and it wouldn't convert any atheists to believers. Some of the things the boy said are truly mind boggling, but it's what it is. A 4 year old's experience on heaven. I do believe children have purer hearts than adults like you and me that can see things purely.


Guess Mr Wallace just has a bit more wisdom
and talent than the some of you.

(I can't imagine saying foul things about a movie
like this. )


Randall Wallace, where's Outlander? You've been attached awhile now & Gabaldon fans are eagerly waiting.


I wish I could be cool like an athiest and not find the NDE fascinating. Speaking of which, they should remake Flatliners.


Wallace is a vocally devout Christian. I guess that's what he sees in it. In any case, this sounds like it might make Mitch Albom seem subtle by comparison. I can't wait to NOT go see this.

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