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Check Out Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor On The Set Of ‘Cleopatra’ In New Pics From ‘Liz And Dick’

Check Out Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor On The Set Of 'Cleopatra' In New Pics From 'Liz And Dick'

In between court dates, getting in car accidents, doing photo shoots with Terry Richardson and being accused of theft, Lindsay Lohan actually managed to shoot two movies. She recently wrapped production on Paul Schrader‘s indie “The Canyons,” but before that she got the paparazzi in a tizzy on the set of “Liz and Dick.” Now, a few promo shots and the first images from the film itself have dropped, and they are sure to get the chatter started all over again.

In case you forgot, Lohan takes on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the biopic, and you can’t make a movie about that actress without including “Cleopatra.” Still regarded as one of the most expensive and tortuous productions of all time, the making of the movie was tabloid manna from heaven, as Taylor and Richard Burton (played by Grant Bowler) began a torrid affair that spilled out very publicly, and combined with many other factors, caused delays on the film. The movie went well over schedule, taking nearly a full year to shoot. But somehow, this still image makes the sumptuous 20th Century Fox film look pretty cheap. But hey, it’s Lohan as Taylor as Cleoptra – that is something, we suppose. Meanwhile the other pics show Taylor and Burton in happier times, with one more of the actress shielding herself from the cameras. Something Lohan is familiar with.

No word yet on when this will air on Lifetime, but when we find out, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can set your DVRs.

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Um, wow

Taylor and Burton's relationship did not "fracture" on the set of Cleopatra. On the contrary, they embarked upon what is arguably the most famous on-set affair in film history. Both were married at the time (Taylor to Eddie Fischer). It's not exactly obscure trivia.


She too easily looks like Liz Taylor when she was in her 60s… and Lohan is like 26. I mean, it looks like not much make up was needed to make her look older.


I don't think she looks anything like Taylor, and she's completely wrong for the role, but the second picture – yeah, looks like Taylor there.

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