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Chris Tucker Isn’t Interested In 4th ‘Friday’ Movie; Shooting International Concert Movie Akin To ‘Raw’

Chris Tucker Isn't Interested In 4th 'Friday' Movie; Shooting International Concert Movie Akin To 'Raw'

The series that only got progressively worse with each sequel, is probably about to continue that trend with a 4th film. In my humble opinion, the first film in the franchise (Friday) was good and filling as is; no sequels were necessary. But you know how it goes over there out west, and the perplexing decisions they sometimes make.

Anyway… as you already know, Ice Cube has long been talking about another installment of the Friday franchise, with New Line Cinema backing it; and as recently as last month, Cube had reportedly locked Chris Tucker into returning to reprise his role in the first film.

Tucker was said to be in talks to reprise his role as well, with Cube possibly in the director’s chair.

Skip ahead to last week when, in an interview with Tom Joyner, Tucker, who’s currently on tour, didn’t seem too keen on doing another Friday movie.

Apparently, Cube is definitely working on the script right now, as Tucker states, however, he added:

“I don’t know. … Me and Cube, we’re talkin’ about it. They’re workin’ on a script… I don’t think it’ll be as special as the first one… We’ll see what happens, but I doubt it. … I don’t know if we can find that magic again.”

The full interview can be watched/heard HERE; in it, he expresses his love for the first movie, and seems genuinely content with what they accomplished back then, and not all that interested in potentially spoiling it all with a 4th film that doesn’t match expectations.

Collectively, the first 3 Friday movies, released in 19952000 and 2002 respectively, grossed over $121 million worldwide; per Rotten Tomatoes, as I already noted, the first film was the only title in the franchise to be well-received critically. The last 2 were rated decisively “Rotten.”

What exactly the plot for Friday #4 will be is anyone’s guess right now.

Up next, catch Tucker in David O. Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook.

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The comments I m reading about this are a joke. For one the two fridays and i agree with one of the follow commeter if chirs took the route cube and the craft of films as a whole the those movies would been clasics. The second for chirs to say we ll what happends is a mocky because cube chose him and if the first film wasnt a hit beside his stand up comedy we as movie goers wont know who he is. People realize that when ice cube walk these streets we ask him if theirs another friday coming out its what we demend so whats is cube to.i want to see one more oh by the way those wack movies and u know the ones im talking about like the matrix shouldnt have made two more in which today hollywood if the first one does great its jst a set up for other failuar sequels to hit. This why since the summer of 05 films havent bben the same


Y'all know y'all wanna c a new Friday,everybody does.Cube gonna drop dat movie with or without chris tucker. As we seen in the last two fridays smokey don't stop no show.Friday is coming back "And you know this man!"


Smart move. I would love to see Chris Tucker take on another serious role like he did in Dead Presidents, he was incredible in that.


Hell, even MIKE EPPS said last week on both the SHMS AND the TJMS that he's done with the "Friday" franchise… Let it go–the first Friday was a cult classic–leave it alone/let it be!


I would much rather watch Chris Tucker's stand-up (which I've heard great things about) than another 'Friday' film. I agree with RottenTomatoes, the first one was really good, the last 2 were nothing more than entertainment for guilty pleasures lacking comedic substance. As far as films from Ice Cube are concerned, I liked the Barbershop franchise, and I would have preferred something of that quality for him to create.


We keep hearing different things about "Friday 4" every two weeks. Chris's answer still seems to leave the possibility open.

I think Chris is at a point in his career in which he is seeking to stretch himself as an actor. Even prior to his financial troubles, he had been seeking more serious roles. I think he would like to follow a film career trajectory similar to Jamie Foxx's.

D.C. Kirkwood

I have mixed views about Chris Tucker, I think he squandered his money and his potential. I believe he should have written scripts and produced on films and other productions to keep his name out there. People criticise Ice Cube but I respect him a a business man and his hustle. Cube Vision brings in about $12million a year. I believe Chris Tucker could have been even greater had he applied himself. Think about it Rush Hour has it own set of stereotypes just like Friday but yet he did those back for the large paycheck. Unfortunately, that didn't create job security for him or anybody else. Now he's stuck doing bit parts in movies when he could have been running the show.

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