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Chuck Norris Says He Won’t Return For ‘The Expendables 3’

Chuck Norris Says He Won't Return For 'The Expendables 3'

Even though “The Expendables 2” opened at the top of the box office this past weekend to smaller numbers than its predecessor, it seems everyone already has their eye on a third installment. Producer Avi Lerner has boasted he’s already inked Nicolas Cage for “The Expendables 3,” and says he will be approaching guys like Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes. But there is one Expendable who says he won’t be coming back to kick more aging ass: Chuck Norris.

“Nope. Just number 2. This is it for me. Oh, yeah. This is very special,” the actor told Access Hollywood (via Dark Horizons) when asked if he will do a third installment. But he did enjoy the experience and the chance to meet some of the younger generation who are carrying on the B-movie action mantle.

“Just to be able to do the film with guys I’ve known for many, many years. To get a chance to get in and fight with them, it was a lot of fun. Plus getting a chance to meet Terry Crews, who I hadn’t met before. And Jason Statham, whom I hadn’t met before. It was fun just to do that,” he explained.

Of course, why he’s choosing to sit out the next round, considering it’s the most high-profile gig he’s done since being a punchline for Conan O’Brien, isn’t known, but perhaps the R-rated mouth of the movie isn’t sitting well with the staunchly right-wing actor. Earlier this year, Norris was quite vocal with his displeasure about the film’s “vulgar dialogue,” and said that producers were going to meet his demands, clean it up, and release it as a PG-13 jaunt. Clearly that didn’t happen, and perhaps he’s a bit miffed. Or maybe it’s because dude is 71 years old and is ready to hang up his kicking shoes. Either way, there are plenty of creaky-boned action stars knocking around to fill his slot.

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Hey jake why does chuck got to be a putz just because he doesent chose to be in a movie he doesent approve of. You say you dont care if he is a liberal or a conservative, but apparently you do. If he doesent feel comfortable performing in the movie I think he has earned the right to bow out without character assassins like you who would piss themselves in his presence. Getting theit panties in a bunch. Oh in case you havent noticed clint doesent cuss either.

Carol C

Chuck Norris's 91-year old mom shares with Mikc Huckabee about raising Chuck and his two brothers

Carol C

Chuck Norris's 91-year old mom shares with Mikc Huckabee about raising Chuck and his two brothers


Good Riddance. His character was useless. He really complained about foul language? He expected producers to bend to his will when he was only there to play a bit role? What a putz. I don't care if you are liberal or conservative, just don't be a control freak when you aren't even the star. Do your job and STFU. They'll have Cage and Snipes in the next one and they will do the film justice as compared to this clown. Too bad Eastwood won't do it, he'd really make for a good show.


I noticed he didn't do a lot of jumping around and flying thru the air in E2, since he's 71. But he did have the cool factor down! Love him!


Holy shit I wish my beard is that lush and vivid when I'm 71.


I don't see how he could have a problem with language – I don't think there was one curse word in Expendables 2. Ah-nuld even left off the end of "Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherf***er" – which is extremely PG-13, and the action was about the level of the A-Team TV show but with CGI blood effects. All in all, Expendables 2 was a surprisingly bloodless, chaste affair – especially when compared to Stallone's Expendables 1 or John Rambo.


Norris will only be back if the villains are "those pesky gays threatening 'merican values."



Nobody, Ever

Damn! He was my favorite part of the movie, and one of my favorite actors in general!

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