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Decide Who Gets to Talk to the Tribeca Film Institute! Vote for August’s Project of the Month!

Decide Who Gets to Talk to the Tribeca Film Institute! Vote for August's Project of the Month!

August is almost over, and it’s time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named August’s Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday August 31 at 5 PM.


When Aurélia is subjected to the inappropriate behavior of Mark, her mother’s alcoholic boyfriend, she begins to take a closer and more critical look into the nature of the relationships around her. The early days of adolescence—using tampons for the first time and exploring her sexuality—are cut short as she is forced into the “grown up” world. Equipped only with the experience and wisdom of a 14-year-old, Aurélia tries to negotiate the complexities of close relationships and social boundaries while balancing a need for both independence from, and the support of, her family.


Most people have terrible public speaking skills. At weddings, ordinary schmoes are called upon to give funny, moving speeches. In Speechless, Dan has to give a speech for two of his best friends. To make things worse, he’s still in love with one of them and hates the other.

Dan must struggle to come up with something meaningful, while also coming into strict competition with the bride’s pompous, cutthroat uncle.

“Marcelo Gomes: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer”

Marcelo Gomes’ artistic ability matches his technical prowess. Our documentary will capture this dynamic equilibrium with a mix of rehearsal, performance, interview and verite footage of Marcelo traveling the world as a guest artist in Asia, North and South America and Europe. The film will delve into a brief history of the male ballet dancer and explore what separates a good partner from a truly great one. Marcelo knows the career of a dancer is brief and he has started choreographing. With his reputation on the line, does he have the talent and drive to become a serious choreographer?

“Greg Louganis Back on Board”

When Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board at the 1988 Seoul Games, it was an unforgettable moment. But when, despite his injury, he earned the highest single score for his next dive and win the Gold, it was among the most incredible feats in history.

BACK ON BOARD is an engrossing story about an American legend and his comeback. Film reveals Louganis’ evolution from childhood prodigy to Olympic champion, from pioneering openly gay athlete with HIV to an overlooked sports icon. His return to diving as mentor to USA divers at Olympics provides new chapter of life-story.

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Felipe Magalhaes

My vote is for Marcelo Gomes: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer.


I think anatomy of a male ballet dancer should when. Because no one knows what a male ballet dancer goes through. I think ballet is very tough


My vote is for Speechless!

Federico Heidkamp

Back on Board is the most exciting!!!!! the best!!!! regards from argentina!


Always a joy to see.

Paul Briganti

this contest has taught me a fine lesson in the importance of a shirtless male on your poster.


Greg Louganis has inspired so many of us. With all his lift from the board, and high degree of difficulty, I had his swan dive poster on my cubicle wall at work for years. I had to explain to many passers-by who this "hunk" of a man was, and why diving is such a healthy life-long enjoyment even for those of us who could never match his level of expertise.


Greg is too inspirational to let him get away. Athletes especially need see his story.
He's been a gift to the diving world.


Speechless, by Paul Briganti, Please!


Both Greg and Marcelo are incredible athletes and role models. Greg has had alot of previous coverage – Marcelo much less so. It's about time we see more about what it takes to make a world-class ballet dancer like him. That's why I'm voting for "Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer".

Sebastian Matías Vitturi.

Back on board es el mejor proyecto !!! Is the bestttttt… We love it, from Argentina.

Ray Becker

…..a very interesting person……would like to know more about him


My money is Louganous, guaranteee it.


The way to cheat on a poll is to make it seem like many people are cheating over the course of the poll.. don't wait until you're in danger of losing the lead to pump your votes up because it's very obvious!!! Just saying!!


Get that proxy server going!!


Back on Board Greg Louganis!!! All the way!

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