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Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt In Talks To Star In Stephen Gaghan’s ‘Candy Store’

Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt In Talks To Star In Stephen Gaghan's 'Candy Store'

I don’t believe these two have ever worked together, have they?

Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt are reportedly in talks to star in Stephen Gaghan’s crime thriller Candy Store.

Gaghan, known primarily for his skills as a screenwriter (for which he’s won an Oscar), last directed the political Syriana (which starred George Clooney and others) for the big screen (although he also directed a TV movie for NBC last year, called Metro, according to his IMDBPro page).

No word yet on plot for Candy Store, or what roles Denzel and Brad are being considered for.

The project isn’t even listed on IMDB yet – although I’m sure that’ll change soon enough.

THR just describes it as “a “two-hander” crime thriller with meaty roles for the two main characters.” That’s it!

A Google search revealed lead to the website for a production company called Flashlight Films, which refers to Candy Store as an “original international espionage thriller.” Although I’m not certain what their exact relationship is to Gaghan.

Up next for Gaghan is the the Will Smith/Jaden Smith sc-fi adventure movie, After Earth, which has M. Night Shyamalan directing. He co-wrote the screenplay for that project.

Denzel will next be seen in the Robert Zemeckis drama Flight, this fall.

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wow! this is GOOD news!


This one, whatever it's going to be about, will sho nuff put asses in seats!


I almost don't even care what it's about, since it's nice to see Denzel paired with another A-List star instead of these knee-biters (like Chris Pine) trying to get to his level. Jamie Foxx, too? Yeah, I'm in.


A lot of star power…..The budget for this is going to be off the chain.

D.C. Kirkwood

Let's just state the obvious these are two of the finest men on the planet so I don't care who gets top billing. Denzel always collects his standard $20million, and they both are at the top of their game, so count me in.

Adam Scott Thompson

High for both these dudes. Let's go! Billing's irrelevant. Both actors appeal to such a broad audience both here and abroad. I can't remember who had top billing for "Crimson Tide" and I don't think anyone else does (or cares) either [Tony Scott shout-out! RIP].


Denzel has worked with Angelina(The Bone Collector) but not Brad. At least not to my knowledge. He's working a lot. It seems like every other week there's an announcement about him. Good for him!!!


I don't think they have worked together before. I wonder who will get top billing.

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