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Diddy To Join ‘American Idol’?

Diddy To Join 'American Idol'?

First Mariah Carey and now Diddy?

Media reports this morning say that the producers of American Idol made an offer to Sean”Diddy” Combs to join Carey as a judge next season on American Idol.

He would, in effect, be taking over the major male judge position on the show, replacing Steven Tyler, just as Carey has now taken over the major female judge role for the recently departed (some reports say actually fired) Jennifer Lopez.

As reported eralier Randy Jackson will remain on the show, but has been eased out of the judge seat for a newly created “mentoring” role – which in effect means that he’s being eased out of the show altogther.

But if Diddy does join the show, will that make you interested to watch the show again, or do you simply just don’t care?  Idol has simply run its course?

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Interesting. The issue is that the show plays heavily to the Midwest (which has a reputation for not really loving diversity), so having three judges of color (even though they all may be extremely qualified based on music industry experience) may not work.


A.I. is wayyyyyyyy past its expiration date. Just like FOX network to carry a show hobbling toward certain death but it's still a cash cow so…..

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