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Humphrey Bogart Posthumously Supports Low-Budget Thriller ‘This Last Lonely Place’

Humphrey Bogart Posthumously Supports Low-Budget Thriller 'This Last Lonely Place'

Humphrey Bogart as indie-film booster? It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Writer-director Steve Anderson (“The Big Empty,” “Fuck”) has convinced the Humphrey Bogart Estate to help finance his micro-budget noir, “This Last Lonely Place,” according to the WSJ’s MarketWatch. The filmmaker has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 for his original thriller about three lost souls who find their worlds colliding in an L.A. cab, and not only has the Bogie Estate thrown $10,000 to the cause, it has committed to matching every additional donation.

Bogart LLC majority owners Stephen Bogart and his sister Leslie see the investment as a way to support the kinds of films their father most liked. From the story:

“The main goal of the Humphrey Bogart Estate is to honor and promote my father’s legacy,” said Stephen Humphrey Bogart, son of the iconic performer. “My father loved film noir, he loved Los Angeles, and he was a big supporter of his fellow artists. Bogie got his big break because of Leslie Howard, and he never forgot it. Therefore, we have made a decision to support independent films whenever we find the type of project Bogie might have liked, and we just couldn’t pass up the chance to support director Steve Anderson’s ode to film noir and Los Angeles.”

Anderson gamed the potential for the Bogart family’s involvement a bit with his screenplay’s title, an echo of the Nicolas Ray-directed 1950 thriller, “In a Lonely Place,” which contains one of Bogie’s most complex roles.

Read the full article at MarketWatch.

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Rebecca Parsons

Wow Steve, you've sure had some big-time backers in your day, and this one is another feather in that cap! We'll be contributing and can't wait to go to another Hollywood premier with the fam!

James McCarthy

No pressure, Steve, but maybe you should really come through with a great film now that Bogie is looking over your shoulder.

Kidding aside, I love the sentiment as expressed by son Stephen Bogart.

Thanks, Indiewire, for reporting on this and bringing a little Bogie into my day.


Interesting. I've been attending a Bogart retrospective in DC at the National Theatre, and that's one of the films that isn't being played. I'd rather see the than Sabrina, which I think he was miscast. The last one will of the series will be The Cain Mutiny.

I wish the filmmaker all the luck on that Kickstarter campaign.

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