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If You Didn’t Know, Rihanna Is A Draw; Her Oprah Interview Was 2nd-Highest-Rated OWN Broadcast Ever

If You Didn't Know, Rihanna Is A Draw; Her Oprah Interview Was 2nd-Highest-Rated OWN Broadcast Ever

Wow! The next time Rihanna is cast in a film, and you wonder why, this might help explain it.

Her interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday was OWN network’s 2nd-highest rated broadcast ever, attracting 2.5 million viewers!

And what was the network’s highest-rated broadcast? Oprah’s sit-down with the late Whitney Houston’s family.

With that, the Rihanna episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, won its time-slot in its demographics – women 25-54, and women 18-49.

After what was a challenging first year on the air, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has seen some of its best ratings yet, thanks to recent sit-downs with public figures. So does that mean Oprah might/should return to the format that made her popular in the first place?

I say expect many more of these sit-downs with popular celebs.

But clearly Rihanna is a draw, whether you love her, hate her, or just don’t care. And I’d guess that pre-broadcast ads for the episode revealing that she would be talking about Chris Brown, may have helped attract some extra eyeballs and ears.

Did you watch? I didn’t.

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I thought the interview was interesting. I, personally, love Oprah as a celebrity interviewer, but I also get why she doesn't want to do it everyday anymore. What is crazy is the backlash Rihanna's has been getting from her comments on Chris Brown in this interview.

the devil

haters gon hate. but dont let it de-motivate. thats my motto. so oprah, "you go gurl". i loves me some ri-ri. she's one of my favorite amongst the blacks. and that's the truth, ruth!


Didn't watch and don't care about Rhianna. She's a completely fabricated, untalented entity.
But OWN cannot survive on big celebrity "gets" every couple of weeks. No one is talking about or watching her other shows, which fill up the remaining 99.9 percent of the network. That's completely unsustainable.


But Rihanna was already cast in a film and it flopped!


I didn't watch it, but this reiterates what I have been saying all along. Oprah should have continued "The Oprah Winfrey Show" by transferring the show over to OWN. Then she should have used the revenues to develop original programming in the form of sitcoms, game shows, and dramas.

Vanessa Martinez

I loved this interview. And I couldn't help but to love Rihanna too for being genuine in spite of her decisions in her private life and/or public persona.


I did. Rihanna seemed very open and genuine. However, there wasn't much to the interview as Oprah focused on Chris Brown and the fact that she said she still loved and cared for him. It would have been a good opportunity to talk about the challenges women face overcoming abusive relationships but that wasn't the case. Rihanna did talk about the emotions she was dealing with coming out in her dress and music. Some stuff seemed contrived and Rihanna's mother was not surprised at getting the house.

Adam Scott Thompson

Further proof that this network cannot persist without its living brand, Oprah Winfrey.

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