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Images Of Unused FX Work From ‘Prometheus’ Show More Of Mutant Fifield

Images Of Unused FX Work From 'Prometheus' Show More Of Mutant Fifield

The “Prometheus” Blu-ray is on its way and, despite many people being left hugely disappointed by Ridley Scott’s latest, there still seems to be a fair bit of excitement surrounding the home release. Maybe it’s because of what Ridley Scott has been able to transform his films into in the past when given a second crack at the whip, or maybe it’s in the wild hope that there may be enough amongst the special features to make sense of the original film. Perhaps it’s just to see some more of the stunning visuals, who knows?

The latest tease comes in the form of a selection of images that were published in Cinefex magazine (via Bloody Disgusting). They show some of the ultimately deleted effects work for Sean Harris’ character Fifield after he became a mutated/zombiefied monster after being attacked by a phallic creature that emerged from the black goo. But don’t worry, “Prometheus” fans – they don’t shed any light on how Fifield got lost in the first place, why the goo changed into a penis with a vagina for a face, why it attacked him, or what function it served as part of the plot. No, it just shows a little more clearly what the mutated Fifield almost ended up looking like.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s pretty awesome/scary stuff. Here’s what the magazine had to add about the pics:

To mutate Fifield beyond what was possible using practical makeup effects, Weta Digital generated a digital character with elongated limbs and an engorged, transluscent head, incorporating a semblance of Harris’ face,” writes the magazine. “Scott filmed the sequence both with the actor in makeup and without, providing clean plates that would allow for the insertion of the digital character. The final cut featured mostly makeup effects, which Weta enhanced with digital wire removal, bullet hits, and one shot of the digital creature’s body blended to the actor.

So that’s pretty cool, we guess. But it will take a whole heap of awesome special features if we’re to part with our hard earned cash for a copy of this movie. We only splurged on the Quadrilogy Blu-rays a couple of months back…

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Society is becoming less intelligent. "Idiocracy" is real. Everything must be spelled out for people nowadays because they cant think. Just think, in another 20 years the Transformers films will be thought of as intellectually complex.


No doubt, this film is WAY over your head.


Hugely disappointing? Have you seen the movie at all? Prometheus was a great movie about the genesis if the human race and had tackled similar themes as Bladerunner has.


Whatever, yo. Prometheus was the second best movie I've seen so far this year (after Moonrise Kingdom). I'm totally stoked for the blu-ray. And I was under the impression that it was recieved rather favorably by critics, and did well at the box office. I think you must not have understood much of the movie. I was rattled by it for days.


I think 73% is far from "hugely disappointing".
I thought it was great, opened up the Alien universe a bit and asked some really big questions.


I dont think you even watched the movie at all because the "goo" didn't turn into a penis with a vagina face. It was a worm that changed. Also Fifield wasn't the one who got attacked by it. It was the other guy with him. I didn't like that movie at all either but if you are gonna kinda point out dumb plot lines make sure you have seen the movie first.


"hugely disappointing"??????????????
It has overall positive reviews! And you can find naysayers of any film!
Who ever wrote this article is a BIASED HACK and should be FIRED


God, you are an asshole.

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