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It’s Official – Tracee Ellis Ross Leaves BET’s ‘Reed Between The Lines’

It's Official - Tracee Ellis Ross Leaves BET's 'Reed Between The Lines'

Confirming what yesterday’s casting additions already suggested (read that post HERE), it’s now official that Tracee Ellis Ross has left BET’s freshman scripted series Reed Between The Lines.

Specific reasons weren’t given, but, in a released statement, Ms Ross expressed her love for the series and its cast, calling it one that “I believe in and care about.

I’d guess that her casting in the in the new NBC women’s prison drama Bad Girls, adapted from the UK ITV series of the same name, might have something to do with it. Although I couldn’t confirm that NBC has even picked up the series, or when the pilot might air.

I wouldn’t completely write her off Reed Between The Lines however; don’t be surprised if her character does return in the future – assuming the series is even still around if/when that happens. A second season is certain, and, as we reported yesterday, Tony RockCharlie Robinson and Michole White have joined the series’ cast as regulars, with star Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

When season 2 begins, the couple (as played by Ross and Warner in season 1) will be separated. In short, Carla (Ross) will be offered a dream job offer she can’t refuse; she wants the family to move across the country with her so that she can take the job; but Alex (Warner) isn’t feeling the idea, so he and the kids stay put.

Obviously the door is being left open for an easy enough return down the road, if that eventually happens.

I response, BET’s prez of original programming, Loretha Jones, said, “We wish her nothing but the best and hope to work with her again in the future.

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I thought the show was 'better than most' meaning I wouldn't jump out of my chair to watch it, but if it were on, I'd change the channel in favor because overall it was a positive presentation because I, like many, was tired of seeing black actors typecast in inferior, degrading, or stereotypical roles in television and film like we are like that 24 hours in a day (of course that isn't anyone's problem, and is not a necessary need, people will take things however they want). I'll say that at least it was relate-able, and more than bearable to watch (unless you have discriminating taste), and I, for one, didn't dare compare it to 'The Cosby Show' (purely classic American television, you'd be a fool to do so).

Wasn't expecting it to last, but hey, hooray for season 2, not passing judgement until I actually see the pilot.


Why not just recast the role? There are plenty of other actresses who could slip right into the part.

Geneva Girl

She WAS the show. While the show has many flaws, it was good family viewing. Writing her off by leaving the kids with the step dad makes NO sense. The biological dad would come get them. Just kill the show.


Honestly, the quality of this show (production/lighting was problematic too) was not ready for Tracee, who is such a natural talent…SUCH a natural talent. Also, this focus on "teens" is always so boring… just my opinion. They honestly should have just kept the youngest daughter, had a pregnancy 1 season in, had Tracee and Malcolm as new parents, again, interesting storylines to follow, etc…


The show was just bad. Id leave BET in a heart beat too if NBC came calling. DC is right BET is the worst cable network to work for as an actor.
Tracee and malcolm weren't a good match. She has a strong comedy background and Malcolm is just not funny. If your trying re boot the "Cosby " idea at least be funny. The writing didn't help either. I have a feeling this new story idea is gonna turn the show into a dramedy rather than a comedy.


I could of sworn that she was doing a pilot for network TV. I thought that was reported a couple of months ago, so I'm not surprised she's leaving. It's called Bad Girls and supposed to be on NBC.


Tracee appeared to be fully committed to this show. She always comes across as a professional with a strong sense of responsibility. I don't know what happened here, but it must be serious for her to bounce. BET is the one I'd eye suspiciously in this case given their track record.


This is an independent cable series producers worst nightmare! You give an actor an opportunity at a comeback and then they bounce for a new series on a broadcast network that's almost guaranteed not to survive past one season. This is exactly why Black film & tv is in such bad shape, no dedication and no loyalty!


Yep, great way to affirm that "strong, Black Cosby-like family unit" BET……SMH


Tracee & Malcolm have no chemistry, those kids are the "worstest" acting kids in Hollywood, and Malcom JW just has the worst case of post-Cosby jinx EVER. Kill the show. Let it go.

the black police



BAD GIRLS was not picked up to series. So that had nothing to do with her departure.


This makes no sense. I saw a few episodes and if I remember correctly the two oldest kids were his step kids. What mother would separate from her husband and leave the kids behind? They might as well had recast Tracee's character.

Adam Scott Thompson

Why do so many black family sitcoms lose their female leads at some point?

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