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Jennifer Lawrence Will Go To ‘The Ends Of The Earth’ In Romantic Drama For The Weinstein Company

Jennifer Lawrence Will Go To 'The Ends Of The Earth' In Romantic Drama For The Weinstein Company

It looks like Harvey Weinstein wants to stay in the Jennifer Lawrence business, and who can blame him? With the actress already leading a hit franchise for Summit in “The Hunger Games” and poised to turn heads with The Weinstein Company‘s release of David O. Russell‘s film “The Silver Linings Playbook” later this year, of course they’ll want to keep that talent under their roof if possible.

And thus, the studio has picked up the romantic drama “The Ends Of The Earth” which they will finance and distribute, with Lawrence attached to star. Penned by Chris Terrio (“Argo”), the film will find Lawrence playing Lydie Marland, the adopted daughter of oil tycoon Ernest Marland, who cared for the child when his desitute brother was unable. After his sibling passed away, the 54 year-old Ernest annuled the adoption and married the 28 year-old Lydie. She was a well known socialite who also pushed her husband to raise worker wages and provide healthcare, but when her husband’s company was acquired in a hostile takeover, he lost much of his wealth. The pair stayed married as the embarked on a political career, but he passed away in 1941 and for the rest of her life, she mostly lived as a recluse.

So all told, it’s a helluva intriguing story and the folks over at ScriptShadow took a look at the script last month, and liked it very, very much saying: “This is a wonderful screenplay and I’m hoping they get it cast soon because with the right actors and the right director, this has ‘Oscar’ and ‘classic’ written all over it.” So there’s your other reason why Harv wants this. If all goes according to plan, this will shoot next summer — essentially between “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” — but a director will need to be found first. But if that’s the timeline they’re looking at, this one will start moving fast.

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Que tal Joaquin Phoenix o Christoph Waltz?


jenn is really good, but im sorry let's not get razy, imho daniel day lewis would blow her away on screen!!

E Green

This article is incorrect. Lydie was the daughter of EW's wife's sister NOT his brother. So, she was his niece by marriage. A fascinating story, nonetheless. Can't wait!


Does that mean he married his niece? Ugh.


I think Daniel Day Lewis would be perfect for the role. As for the director, how about David Fincher or Daren Aronsofosky?


How about Susanne Bier?….Bier just finished directing Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Serena, has experince with period films/family dramas. Or, how about Debra Granik?(who of course, directed Lawrence in her Oscar nominated performance in Winter's Bone) trying to throw some women directors (excellent directors, btw) into the mix. As for who would star opposite Jennifer Lawrence as Ernest Marland, how about either Daniel Day Lewis or James Brolin. Very excited for this one, Jennifer Lawrence will kick ass as Lydie Marland I'm sure.


Is David Fincher available?


I suggest David Fincher for director.


I'll see anything with her in. simple


Another Jennifer Lawrence movie to look forward to!

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