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Juliette Fairley’s ‘Mulatto Saga’ Film Series Provides Work For The Often Overlooked Bi-Racial Actress In Hollywood (!)

Juliette Fairley's 'Mulatto Saga' Film Series Provides Work For The Often Overlooked Bi-Racial Actress In Hollywood (!)

“There’s a lack of roles in Hollywood for bi-racial women. So, I create my own content that I star in and in the process I create work for other actors of all races, genders and nationalities,” said Fairley whose mother is white and father African American.”

Did you get that?  I’ll wait for you to pick your jaw up from off the floor.

Actress Juliette Fairley has decided to write, produce, and star in her own films because, essentially, bi-racial actresses ain’t eatin’ in Hollywood like they should.

I really don’t know what to say about that, except that I respectfully disagree.

And that I must be dreaming, because never in a million years would I have imagined I’d hear someone with fully-functioning eyes say such a thing.

Fairley’s first two short films, Mulatto Saga, and Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto’s Dilemma, will be followed by a third film titled Juliette Fairley’s Diary of a Mulatto Bride, for which casting is currently underway.

I could go on and on about how incredibly absurd the above quote (taken from the press release below) is, and I could counter it by providing countless examples of bi-racial actresses who seem to always have a job, be it in film or on television.

But I won’t, because there are obviously some serious underlying personal issues involved in this movement of Fairley’s; issues with which those of us of a dissimilar background likely cannot relate.  So any argument against it from my own perspective would be futile.

Check out the press release on the film’s premiere last week:

(Los Angeles, August 6, 2012) A Different World star Jasmine Guy lead the line up of celebrities attending the red carpet premiere
of the short film Mulatto Saga, which kicks off its two-month rotation on network affiliates and cable stations on Tuesday, August 7 on the CW-Network (WWHO-TV) in Columbus, Ohio at 12 noon.
Following the screening of Mulatto Saga and its sequel Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto’s Dilemma at the Mayme Clayton Museum last week, Actress Jasmine Guy moderated a Q and A about the film, interracial relationships and the sometimes hairy task of being bi-racial.
“The film Mulatto Saga is different and fresh. I grew up hating the word “mulatto” but I’ve learned to embrace it,” said Guy whose mother is white and father African American.
Guy is best known for her role as Southern belle Whitley Gilbert in the Cosby tv show spinoff A Different World that she starred in along
with Cree Summer, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Darryl Bell.
For weekly station information and air dates for the film visit the syndicator’s website, which is updated every Thursday at Directed by Spike Lee’s assistant director Michael Pinckney and based
on the stage play directed by filmmaker Charles Burnett, Mulatto Saga stars Juliette Fairley, Cassidy Knight, Kaylee Souther and Yacine Simpore. Fairley is currently casting her third short film called Juliette Fairley’s Diary of a Mulatto Bride and raising funds for production on and by selling a DVD of Mulatto Saga and its sequel Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto’s Dilemma at
“There’s a lack of roles in Hollywood for bi-racial women. So, I create my own content that I star in and in the process I create work for other actors of all races, genders and nationalities,” said Fairley whose mother is white and father African American. Sponsor Coty perfumes ended the red carpet premiere on Wednesday by gifting attendees with Halle Berry, Celine Dion and Kimora Lee Simmons gift sets while Halfbreed Clothing Co raffled shirts to ten lucky winners.

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Guess what ya'll! Juliette Fairley's Mulatto's Dilemma won Best Romantic Comedy at the New York International Film Festival in LA! here's a link to the scoop:


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PART: 1 The reasons she is saying Biracial people are overlooked is because WE ARE over looked . What we actually ARE is being overlooked . The only time a biracial person is even being looked at or considered for a role is when their being typed-cast to play a black person who has supposedly came from 2 black parents.

How many biracial people do you see acting in roles to where they are actually playing what they are which is biracial person??? hardly any. How many roles do you see where they are playing a biracial person where they actually show their white parent or non black parent ? NOT very many, and of the ones they do show… it's a relatively recent occurrence, I'd say… within the last decade or so and you STILL hardly see it.


DISCLAIMER: Ok this is probably going to be considered a really lengthy comment, it will more than likely be in several parts because As of now, I don't know if there is a character limit on here but I'm guessing that there is because the comments on here are so short, so if there is I'll find out when I try to post this in it's entirety and it wont go through, then you will end up seeing this one long comment in several parts. And YES it has to be long because I can't say what I'm about to say in a short message some may even find what I'm about to say very harsh, but … the truth often hurts before it helps, please keep that in mind, that being said …


This week…Mulatto Saga airs in:

Toledo Station: WMNT-TV MYNET Date: 8/23 Time: 10:00AM

Baltimore Station: WMAR-TV Date: 8/25 Time: 2:00AM

Honolulu Station: KWHE-TV LeSea Date: 8/25 Time: 5:00PM

Monroe-El Dorado Station: KAQY-TV ABC Date: 8/26 Time: 1:00PM

Atlanta Station: WXIA-TV ABC Date: 8/26 Time: 1:00PM

Toledo Station: WMNT-TV MYNET Date: 8/26 Time: 1:00PM

Davenport-R.Island-Moline Station: WQAD-TV ABC Date: 8/26 Time: 1:00PM

Albany-Schenectady-Troy Station: WNYT-TV NBC Date: 8/27 Time: 12:00PM

Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn Station: WCBI-TV CBS Date: 8/29 Time: 1:05AM


Juliette Fairley's Mulatto's Dilemma is an official selection of the New York International Film Festival in LA…September 12 to 18, 2012. Stop hatin' and check out red carpet interviews from the Aug. 20 NY premiere of Mulatto Saga and Juliette Fairley's Mulatto's Dilemma at M1-5.


Check out this video of Jasmine Guy and Juliette Fairley discuss the issue


Don't miss Juliette Fairley, Cassidy Knight, Kaylee Souther and other actresses in Mulatto Saga on the following tv stations and states this weekend:
Odessa-Midland Station: KPEJ-TV FOX Date: 8/11 Time: 4:00AM

Jacksonville Station: WAWS-TV FOX Date: 8/11 Time: 12:00PM

Norfolk-Portsmth-Newpt Nws Station: WSKY-TV IND Date: 8/11 Time: 1:00PM

Wausau-Rhinelander Station: WSAW-TV MYTV Date: 8/11 Time: 2:00PM

Charleston, SC Station: WTAT-TV FOX Date: 8/11 Time: 6:00PM

Washington, DC (Hagrstwn) Station: WDCA-TV My20 Date: 8/12 Time: 4:00AM

Jackson, MS Station: WAPT-TV NBC Date: 8/12 Time: 12:00PM

Meridian Station: WGBC-TV FOX Date: 8/12 Time: 12:00PM

Columbia, SC Station: WOLO-TV ABC Date: 8/12 Time: 1:00PM

Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle) Station: WRDC-TV MYNET Date: 8/12 Time: 1:00PM

Milwaukee Station: WITI -TV FOX Date: 8/12 Time: 1:00PM

Albany, GA Station: WFXL-TV FOX Date: 8/12 Time: 1:00PM

Wilmington Station: WWAY-TV ABC Date: 8/12 Time: 1:00PM

Cleveland-Akron (Canton) Station: WEWS-TV ABC Date: 8/12 Time: 2:00PM

Utica Station: WFXV-TV FOX Date: 8/12 Time: 2:30PM

Shreveport Station: KSHV-TV MyNET Date: 8/12 Time: 2:00PM

Denver Station: KETD.2 IND Date: 8/12 Time: 2:00PM

Colorado Springs-Pueblo Station: KWHS IND Date: 8/12 Time: 2:00PM

Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk Station: WZZM-TV ABC Date: 8/12 Time: 3:00PM

Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd) Station: KLPN-TV MYNET Date: 8/12 Time: 3:00PM

Youngstown Station: WYFX-TV FOX Date: 8/12 Time: 4:00PM


lol overlooked biracial actress? ive heard it all now! no longer are they happy stealing all black womens roles now thats not enough, they want their own roles? Great! hopefully that will stop them stealing bw roles. But isnt it ironic -shouldnt it be BLACK women complaing about the lack of roles for them not the women who seem to be doing pretty well in hollywood. Goes to show how entitled some biracials are and how pathetic bw are as these people have shown their disdain and utter contempt for the roles that black women "champion" and support (i.e thandie newton etc al) and believe that these roles are "beneath them" something I knew they thought all along. but yeah we're all black riiiiiighhhht!

Nancy Williams

Are you only sticking to the actual definition of mullato/a or including all lighter skinned actress who aren't half of one and have of another? I doubt the majority white casting directors make the differentiation. I doubt they do extensive genealogies, I'm sure they go on looks only. Genetically, we are an extremely diverse people; most of us have a variety of colors in our family history. I grew up closely with a fair-skinned grandmother who took great affront when people addressed her in another language. "I am a colored woman!" she would acclaim with great indignation. You cannot ascertain racial history just by looking at someone. Look at the newly revealed genealogy of the President, deep and very different.


All those Bi-Racial actresses mentioned aren't playing Bi-Racial (Mulatto) characters in movies and tv, they are either black or hispanic. The fact that she used the word Mulatto shouldn't be a big deal, people get upset over the weirdest things. Year 2012 and the N word is constantly being used in music, movies, etc by people defining themselves but yet, Mulatto, makes people squirm.


You have GOT to be effin' kidding me. What the hell year is it…1912? Mulatto? Wha? Huh?

So, since I am a "quadroon", should I be expecting more stories for "people like me"?
This dumb crap boggles the mind. What is it that makes people like this woman feel that they can pull up all that was wrong from the past and resurrect it like some kind of "post-racial Frankenstein monster"? I hope this heifer grows cobwebs on her azz waiting for a nod from Hollywood.

Miles Ellison

Mulatto? What year is this, 1870?


Is this a joke? I mean it HAS to be a joke. Biracial women have ALWAYS worked more than the sistas who look COMPLETELY black in Hollywood. The list could go on for days of the actresses who fall into this biracial category. I get telling the story of what it's like to grow up biracial but to say you have it worse in Hollywood because of this is just outright ridiculous. This woman should ask herself were her acting chops not good enough or did she not make the right connections in Tinsel Town not did her mulatto-ness attribute to her difficulty getting acting jobs. This is beyond ridiculous and a ploy to further her non-existent acting career.




Probably bc She looks like a man . Everybody knows biracial black actresses have the upper hand on black actresses


Oh please. I know this chick. She's not been forced into creating her own work bc biracial actresses are overlooked. She's not getting work bc there's nothing compelling about her.


Did she just say:

1. That no one really spotlighted biracial Americans prior to President Obama's election

2. That race relations have IMPROVED since President Obama's election?

with a straight face? Really?!


I think Juliette Fairley has a right to make movies specifically about the experiences of mulatto and biracial women because their life experiences are different than black people.
However, I disagree that mulatto women have it harder in fact I think biracial actresses got it the BEST out of all women of colour in Hollywood. Hollywood likes biracial and mixed race women because the industry can claim to be racially diverse yet also appealing to the white beauty image. Halle Berry is a good actress but the fact is she's half white just like her 2.0 version Paula Patton. First Berry got big in the late 1990s early 2000s and now Patton got a huge role in Mission Impossible recently.

Hollywood also favours singers who are mixed race like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys because the the film industry believes mulatto women can cross over easier and appeal to white audiences.


"We were alaways under the shadows of African-Americans or the Afro as I would say." I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt but after hearing that, it's some ol' bullshit.


Maybe she feels she needs to do this because she feels the kind of work she's receiving/accepting is not good enough for her and not because there's a need for more biracial roles in Hollywood. That in itself sounds ridiculous.


All actresses of color are overlooked. Birracial actresses are cast more, sure, but in the grand scheme of things they are overlooked and often sexualized and exoticized as to be not taken serioulsy as actresses only as eye candy. Actresses are overlooked period. Hollywood is a boys club. A white boys club and whatever the flava of the moment that catches their fancy which tends to be white women but they will occassionally throw a biracial girl in the mix for a little color. I think it's worth it to hear this side of the story because like it or not it is part of the whole story of who we and our ancestors are in this country and this world.


I think the title of her mini movie should have been " Half of a shade" or something similar. But mulatto diaries is terribly offensive , argh !!!! and it makes it easier for people to make fun of it all.


I think somewhere in this horrible expression of her intentions, she means she wants to bring to light "the mulatto story" in which case I can understand her plight…even though it sounds like a 2012 "Feast of All Saints".


Um really . . . . Halle Berry, Paula Patton, Salli Richardson, Thandie Newton, Essence Atkinson, Boris Kodjoe, Cree Summer, Gloria Rueben, Jennifer Beals, Sidney Poitier, Jordan Sparks, Karyn Parsons, Lisa Bonet, Rashida Jones, Lauren London, Lonette McKee, Maya Rudolph, Megan Good, Michael Michelle, Nicole Ari Parker, Persia White, Rachel True, Rae Dawn Chong, Eartha Kitt, Rosario Dawson, Sophie Okonedo, Stacy Dash, Tia & Tamara Mowry, Tatianna Ali, Tracee Ellis Ross, Vanessa Williams, Victoria Rowell . . . I am sure I forgot so many


She's out of her mind . . . maybe someone should educate her . . . oh and Different World also starred Kadeem Hardison and Dawn Lewis . . . sigh


Did she say "we were always in the shadows of the African-Americans and the Afro as I say. And now the biracial are standing on their own two feet. And that doesn't mean we're turning our backs on anyone. It's just we have experiences in this country… and its different." Come on son. I agree with all of the previous comments here. You can articulate the need for more diverse stories, but why does she feel the need to compare or make it seem like African-Americans are overshadowing biracial (black/white) people. Why didn't she talk about being in the shadows of WHITE people. You don't need acknowledgement from others that your experience was tough in order to succeed. Just do it. So silly…


Lmbao at the story then seeing ads of Rashida Jones plastered all over the site. Ignorance is bliss! Lol.


I, too, respectfully disagree with her comments. It's clear to me that the trend for roles for "black" actresses in American movies is to go with light-skinned women who are often biracial or Hispanic. As I noted before, Will Smith's wife in 1998's Enemy of the State was played by brown-skinned Regina King. By 2007's I Am Legend, his wife was played by biracial Salli Richardson, then in following films there was biracial Thandie Newton and Hispanics Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson. He hasn't had a brown-skinned love interest since. Hollywood's preferences are clear when it comes to actresses: white (preferably blonde), then women who have a hint of color in them to make them "exotic" but not TOO much color in them which is why biracial women have become popular. I'm not familiar with any of Ms. Fairley's work but maybe she needs to consider other reasons for her lack of employment.


She has the utmost right to state this premise, mission, but the danger in going forward is that it's going to look a lot like some form of elite banner waving, I think we should not do this cause then it calls for too much separation among us all when she should have simply stated I want to make films that have more people of color who are not getting enough film roles. it looks too much like pouting when they have the connections and means to put forward lots of projects into production. I mean , I hear them, and say hey go for it but it looks shaky


Is this how people become relevant nowadays, by using outdated/offensive terminology (Mulatto? Redbone? Halfbreed? Really??) and trolling with blatantly divisive lies? Is there a competition for who can say the dumbest ish going right now, the foolywang olympics? Bottom line, if this chick had a modicum of talent and a competent therapist she wouldn't need to resort to these reindeer games. Next.


I would say technically it should be Mulatta given the subject matter, but with those two hard looking broads the male signifier is appropriate. And does that really say "Halfbreed Clothing Co?"


Simply stupid, divisive and insulting! Reveals a complete ignorance to the history of black American bloodlines (diverse in race and ethnicity whether or not one has a white or other parent or not) Enough said!!!


I can't believe this chick set her mouth to even suggest that biracial actress aren't working enough in hollyweird. Is this a joke. Lets not name all the roles which have gone to biracial women playing the "black character". None of those roles have gone to black women or women who dont' look mixed. Get real.


Unless she means that the biracial woman's STORY is not being told, she's totally crazy. Let's not lose our minds,too.

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