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Kaleidoscopic New Poster For Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ Will Leave You Feeling Blue

Kaleidoscopic New Poster For Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master' Will Leave You Feeling Blue

It has been an interesting few days for Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master.” After making a surprise premiere a couple days ago in Santa Monica that was met with (overly cultish?) effusive praise, and concerns about whether or not the movie shot on 70mm film would be presented in the director’s preferred format, it seems the movie is all anyone can talk about at the moment. So how about a new poster then?

Say what you will about the film, but so far, the one sheets have been pretty….blah. The wine bottle was appropriately enigmatic we suppose, but we’re not sure what this blue kaleidoscope job is supposed to convey except that Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams are in the movie. Possibly playing multiple characters (of course, we know that they’re not). If anything, perhaps it represents the idea of a cult regenerating members in the eye of its leader, but again, who knows. For a movie that is presumably a tough sell, it seems a bit out of step for The Weinstein Company to not go with something sexier. And we’re not saying they have to do something as cornball as the “Lawlessinfographic, but something that reaches out to folks outside the already devoted might be advisable. But then again, there is no one who knows the marketing game better than Harv, and with four weeks and two festivals before it hits theaters, there is gonna be plenty more to come.

“The Master” opens on September 14th and will play Venice and TIFF. [Yahoo]

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The concept actually copes with the subject matter: as Philip Seymour Hoffman is in the center as the most clear one. It deals with who's the master as the group lead subject or something.


Brilliant and bold use of blue, which conveys loyalty, wisdom, truth, confidence, etc., a nod to Hoffman's character('s claims) It seems.


I don't like it and I didn't like the bottle either but I am travelling to Venice just to see this film


Awesome poster.

Right off the bat, I interpret it as a visual metaphor for the fractal quality of truth, lies, perception, memories.

The characters refracting across many facets. The story being different depending on who you ask, perspective.

Not ugly at all, very cool in my opinion.


the slant of this article = ugly

this poster = not ugly


I like it. It's like a tie pattern. Gentlemanly.


If you're different. Embrace and flaunt it.

I like this.

Peter K

Weird poster. Looks fake.


i like it too, it looks like they're all following one another, and yet also looking to lead…

who IS "the master", eh?


i actually kinda like it :P havent seen a poster similar to it


That's ugly as shit. What happened?

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