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Kristen Stewart Not Dropped From ‘Huntsman’ Sequel Plans; Does Anybody Want To See Part 2?

Kristen Stewart Not Dropped From 'Huntsman' Sequel Plans; Does Anybody Want To See Part 2?

It’s the story that won’t end. Last night, the Twittersphere erupted when reports went around that Universal was considering a “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel focused on Chris Hemsworth (which was kind of old news), with THR throwing fuel on the tire fire by adding that Kristen Stewart wouldn’t be invited back for the follow-up. Well, rest your weary heads KStew fans, as she’s still going to get her chance to shine (and no, we don’t mean as a vampire).

Deadline is taking some particular glee at THR being incorrect or whatever, as they’ve received a statement from Universal Co-Chairman Donna Langley that says: “We are extremely proud of ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ and we’re currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.” As the site notes, with screenwriter David Koepp exiting and not a single page of a script being written, it was probably premature to say that Stewart was out. But what does seem to be clear is that any follow-up is moving toward centering on Hemsworth, whether she’s involved or not.

But the bigger question here is: does anybody care to see another one? Yes, ‘Huntsman’ hauled in just under $400 million worldwide, so there certainly was interest. However, the film wasn’t exactly a critical darling, and in this writer’s opinion, was kind of terrible and nonsensical. (If the Queen couuld turn into a flock of birds and find the Snow White, why did she wait until the end of the movie to do that? How did Snow White learn to ride a horse while being trapped in a tower for her whole life? We could go on…) But even from those who did like the movie, there doesn’t seem to have been a groundswell for a followup. But with fairy tales a hot thing, particularly on TV, we can see why from a studio perspective that they want to keep the idea percolating.

But do you want to see “Snow White and the Huntsman: Part Deux“? Does it matter if Hemsworth and Stewart are both in it? Tell us below.

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I believe that the movie should go on for a happy ending and even though it was based on a fairy tale lots of parts were int the original book wasnt in the movie which you can use in part two if there any , and yes the queen is dead but didnt look like snow white stabbed her heart could be a miss mirror brings her back for revenge but you can not end a movie with out knowing who her true live would be

Yes to Snow White 2

If anyone thinks that SWATH made almost $400 mil due to Chris Hemsworth being in it, I suggest you put down the crack pipe. The reason why Universal came out with that statement is because Twitter blew up because Kristen fans went ballistic! SWATH's success is all due to Kristen Stewart so don't get it twisted. Your column just contradicted itself because the Twitter outrage just showed the world that there is interest in the Snow White sequel with Snow White lol.

You may want to rethink your article :)


Being so talented and so young, Steward will have a wildly successful acting career. Do you really think that a 41 year old former tv commercial writer compares with her? He is the one who is disposable. Sanders has not gotten off scott free. In fact, now that he has immerged from the fog of fantasy, he must realize that he has made the biggest blunder of his hoped for directing career. Sanders had a wife who supported his career, two lovely children and a chance at a directing career in the US. He threw it all away to kiss a young woman. No one is going to take the chance on a 41 year-old man who is so lacking in judgement and control. Moreover, taking the trouble to arrange directorial roles so that he avoids Steward is not worth the trouble. He is better off going back to England, recover his dignity and be a better father to his children.

Ger Hang

Everyone makes mistakes in our live sooner or later. Id say give her another chance. The movie was great overall as well as Kristen's acting. Everything about the movie was good. Yes it was weird that she knew how to ride a horse. Yes it was weird that the evil queen should of just done the job in the first place, but look at lord of the rings. Why did they not just ride the giant eagles to mount doom and drop the ring? My main point is lets keep the movie going and everyone the same. Its about entertainment. Whatever they choose to do in their personal life is up to them. Lets mind our own business and enjoy entertainment as it should be.

On the other note. Plans for part 2?
– Maleficent would be the new villain
– More love between White, and Huntsman
– William falls for Maleficent without him knowing she is evil
– Maleficent wants to take over kingdom using William to do dirty work
– Maleficent kills Williams dad and blames it on Huntsman
– Man Fight
– William angry leaves the kingdom and betrays White
– Need i go on?
– Maybe the revival of evil queen at the end? I just Love Charlize Theron. She did a superb job.

Man I should write a story for this lol

baby cakes

Im sorry but none of us are perfect, i would not want all my mistakes out there for the world to see, but shes in the limelight and im not. Regardless of what she did, thats her buisness not mine, not yours, she is still a great actress and i would love to see part two with all the same actors,because i thought the first one was outstanding! ( With alittle more romance between chris and kristen, on the screen of course)

Are you serious!?

O'come on, this low-life piece of garbage's career is OVER in Hollywood! She is an untrustworthy, degenerate, manipulative, disloyal, hypocritical, lying, cheating, home-wrecking slut! Why on earth would any studio put someone like Kristen "Trampire" Stewart who is so despised by the entire WORLD right now into a blockbuster movie? Does the studio not care to maximize profit anymore? Her films WILL be boycotted by many…move on to someone more likable who can actually act, who has less drama attached to their name.

Bubble Bee

If Kslut is in it then NO!!! I will never watch another film that has her in it. She is a horrible actress, bitch in real life, has no likable personality. If they put her in another film it's not getting my money or my support. Where all of my friends and family feel the same way…she needs to leave Hollywood…I hate her so much now.


i vote yes beside if she wasn't famous no 1 would even no and its none of r business its got nada to do with us so whats the biggy i'd watch it im still a fan not like it hurts me but i feel bad for her what people say and what people probly do but to be honest i wouldn't no if people didn't tell me cause i don't read or watch that stuff as i said it has nada to do with me maybe 1 day i'll work with her maybe i wont but i wanna be an actress 1 day myself so who no's either way i hate attention so i never wanna be famous i just wanna act but i cant control the media so i g2 wait and see anyways most stuff u read in those things r wrong but ya over all if she did it or not or if she just said it for show or not im still a fan i say go for it and dont get down it always gets better life go's on :)? sorry for my Dyslexia and slang i donno if i took slang out probly not all so ya lol good night! and good morning! every1 have a good day!! or sleep! lol


If KStew gets nekkid, I'll see it. Otherwise, no. (What the hell, I'd see it if Chris Hemsworth was nude was well)


The first one had real potential but faltered a bit. Honestly a change in *cough* director might be what the sequel needs to live up to the potential. Most of the problems cited by critics and audience were geared towards the script and director.

Plus the story was always sold as women empowerment, which is why the idea to focus on the huntsman was stupid in April and is even stupider now.

Jacque DeMolay

The first movie was shit. Pure shit, nothing more. However, if they adjust the formula so that it's way more Chris Hemsworth and way less KStew, I might be up for giving them a second chance. Hemsworth's character was so drably written that calling him one-dimensional would be a huge compliment. Yet, the actor is so gosh-darn charming he still wound up being the best thing in the movie, and certianly did his level best to try and bring a modicum of… character… to his character. He didn't really succeed, but you could certainly tell he was giving it the effort, which is more than you can say for any of the rest of the cast. Even Theron was asleep at the fucking wheel.


Let me do the honors guy, here's is what Uni really meant "SHIT, Kstew fans are pissed off and we still have a DVD to sell! We want a Huntsman sequel because a)that Thor guy is the one who brings big bucks and b)how the fuck are we going to deal with Stewart/Sanders on the same set? His wife won't approve! Quick, say that we're exploring all options including Kstew, we'll think later how to get rid off her and/or Sanders"

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