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Lauryn Hill & Beyonce Say ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’ To Oprah

Lauryn Hill & Beyonce Say 'Thanks, But No Thanks' To Oprah

After her recent smash ratings hit, interviewing Rihanna for her Oprah’s Next Chapter program on OWN, you would think that Oprah Winfrey would be aggressive about getting other popular singers on her show like, say, Lauryn Hill and Beyonce.  And she is. If only they would agree to do it.

Oprah recently tweeted to her followers that she has in fact reached out to both Ms. Hill and Bey-Bey, but both turned her down.

She said that she is “TRYIiiing” to do an interview with Beyonce, but so far, no luck.

As for Lauryn Hill, Oprah tweeted that she “..tried. She said no.

In regards to Hill, I’m not surprised she would turn her down. She’s an intensely private person and when was the last time she ever did an interview for anyone? I can’t recall.

But wouldn’t it be great if she did an interview to talk about herself, and to clear up all the stories and rumors that have been out forever about her? Talk about a ratings smash.

As for Bey-Bey, what gives? She LIVES for publicity. She doesn’t get out of bed unless the paparazzi is within 10 feet of her.

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A lot of black women either love or hate Beyonce and many of them have never met her nor have even been affected by her personally. As a successful, attractive, African American woman when I see women like Lauren Hill and Beyonce looking great, working hard, and doing positive things I have nothing bad to say about them. There are far too many negative images of black women in the media, so when one or two or even a small handful are considered attractive, successful, and marketable to the masses why not support that? It's a positive image of the group of women not just that one. Beyonce is not different from other celebrities to stay relevant she has to stay in the news, magazines, and etc but she is still a person. For people to make comments about her craving attention fool it's her job! So, when Lady Gaga came to the awards in an egg was she a b*tch? When Nikki Minaj dressed as a Catholic at the awards with a fake Priest was she a b*tch? You people only respect black women that enforce the stereotype that we so desperately need to remove ourselves from…like the Trina's, basket ball wives, house wives of Atlanta and flavor of love girls. Please know that women like Beyonce, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and etc are the black women that keep people from assuming we are all Fantasia (teen parent who had her second baby by someones husband), Kelly Price (who was 400 pounds) and Mary Mary (who are homophobic prudes).

Dorothy Piedrahita

Both of these ladies would say "yes", but are saying, "no". Just move on on OWN! There are other ladies in this large world that Ms. O had get to interview from, what is the matter with her. What I think she needs is to do get "new people around her no matter the age, and get back on top of her game. Ms. O, this is global world there are other rich,famous ladies, locate someone from Brazil France China, anywhere leave these ladies alone……… I say! frankly, they are somewhat tired, not that they are good singers and whatever they do, but move on.

These ladies should be placed in, "the wind". Bey Bey as you called her doesn't need you anymore, she will be appearing on the Super Bowl 2013, so why do you think she wants to be on your small network.

Heck! Ms. you would do better if you got me and my little children's book that I have written.

thandeka tshepang nkosi

loving beyonce with all of my heart


Who gives two flying f*cks about beYAWNcy. She's nothing but an attention seeking whore and the reason she probably doesn't want to do Oprah now is because Oprah may ask the dumb bitch about the allegations of her having a surrogate and we all know that the fake bitch didn't carry a baby. As we all know too beYAWNcy is a liar, but she's not the best liar because she always gets caught in her LIES. Eventually all those beYAWNcy worshippers will come to know the real fake bitch as a lot of us do because every lie that she's told will come back to haunt her. Plus nobody wants to hear her lies. Lauryn Hill, my girl, that's who we want to hear from, she's the one with the real talent in the industry, beYAWNcy sucked penis and had her father pimp her out for her career. When you put real talent up against the industry bubble gum bitch like beYAWNcy hands down Lauryn wins with real music, and talent.


Does anyone think that Lauryn Hill would've have made a good Nina Simone?

Speaking of which, did anyone hear the interview that Simone Kelly did for Canadian TV with the CBC?
I admit, I haven't listened yet, but here is the link:


Hatch miller movie: liked it a lot, very moving


Oprah interviewed Beyonce a few times and she did a big staged production of "Run the World" for the surprise farewell party for Oprah. My best guess is that there hasn't been enough distraction press about B for O not to discuss her pregnancy or child. That's a wierd guess thou because O wouldn't be digging for the truth, asking a few "hard" questions isn't the same thing. O would probably just say how ridiculous the rumors were.

Lauren Hill doesnt do fluff ever it seems. She would need to really really …really be heard and respected. O isn't really a true listener her interviews go exactly where she directs them to go.

She had a show for how many years and never once had an interview with one of them or a single rapper…..I would say no to


What don't we know about Beyonce at this point? Oprah, I wouldn't cry over that one. When she needs you, she'll call you.


I'm so disappointed in Oprah for me she's jumped the shark. I appreciate she owns a network and has staff to pay but when she interviewed the Kardashians when having previously stated disapproval of reality shows and the people who seek fame from participating in them. I guess she needs the ratings I just wish she hadn't gone that route, especially as her network is about empowering people I don't see the benefit of interviewing a family that behaves appallingly and sets a poor example of behaviour, the language they have used towards each other including the C word and the manipulation, fighting no family is perfect but if they lived in a trailer and weren't attractive their behaviour would probably not be considered entertainment.


Beyonce doesn't really live for publicity. Unless she is marketing a album or cause, she seems to pretty much keep quiet, hang with her family and that's about it.

In general though, I think Oprah has finally found that her network can't survive unless she does interviews, and now she is just trying to attract anyone she can. Not to put Oprah down since outside of James Lipton, who else would you want asking about your life than Oprah?


That Beyonce snipe was unfair. I am not even a big fan but come one now. Beyonce can't walk out her front door without press following her everymove. She goes to a store, people take pics off their phones. You think that Beyonce is calling the paparazi?


Thats like saying Angelina Joile is an attention whore because she wants to leave her house and maybe even walk down the street.

Thats like saying Halle Berry is an attention whore and loves cameras following her to the playground and to her daughter's school.

It would be untrue.


Orville – I'm glad at least one person in this thread is awake. Beyonce is a straight attention whore, fake as all get out, and yes, she did have a surrogate give birth.

Mr. Friendly

I'd like "Opera Winfrey" to ask herself this one question, and then spend the next hour explaining: "Tyler Perry: WHY?"


For a megastar, Beyonce is not that an interesting when she is interviewed. So O should be grateful she said no.

lady earth

I'm a huge Beyonce fan but I have to admit that Beyonce does seek out attention a tad bit more when her career is on the decline. Her big pregnancy reveal at the VMA's was a strategic move by her PR team to put her in the headlines after a lackluster album. I wouldn't call her an attention whore but I would say that she uses the press only when it benefits her career. I'm surprised she turned down an Oprah interview but I can see why she doesn't want to come after Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.


Bey & Lauryn are both great, but I really want to see Oprah interview Queen Latifah so she can finally come out of the closet.


I know why Lauryn Hill doesn't want to do it. She doesn't want to be grilled on the IRS situation. I don't blame her. She needs time to get everything financially settled with the government. The great thing is, since Lauryn is the epitome of an artist she will given an interesting interview even if she isn't releasing a new project. If anyone can ever secure that interview, it will definitely be one to watch.

Joseph G.

Yeah, there are a whole lot of delusional comments here. Beyonce is a very private person, which is why a lot of people were surprised that she was cool with having Kim K. around with Kim being so open to publicity. Everyone knows that, which is why I assume you pulled that comment out of your ass.

@JMAC it's important for someone of Beyonce stature to make a statement supporting what Frank Ocean did. That helps make more impact. You are looking at it from a very self righteous place. Rihanna is popular, but it's quite delusional to say anyone is a bigger pop star than Beyonce.


This is not a slight against anyone, but come on: you don't have Kardashians and Rihanna on and THEN ask Beyonce. Also, I really don't think Beyonce is all that publicity-crazed. She wants to be world renowned, an icon, and all that, but she's not desperate for any old attention.


Actually Beyonce's pretty well-known for being a fiercely private person. Just because paparazzi follows you doesn't mean you crave attention. I'm not really sure why you're surprised about either of them not granting the type of interviews that Oprah's known for.

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