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‘Luther’ Creator Neil Cross Says BBC Is “Very Interested” In Alice Spinoff Series

'Luther' Creator Neil Cross Says BBC Is "Very Interested" In Alice Spinoff Series

It seems there is good news for fans of the BBC hit “Luther” starring Idris Elba, even as the show is likely to close off after the third season. At the end of last year, the show’s writer and creator Neil Cross revealed that “there’s a strong possibility that there’ll be a ‘Luther’ movie in the near future.” Exciting stuff, but it seems there’s more, as another character from the show may be spun off into their adventures if things go according to plan.

Catching up with Variety, Cross revealead his desire to center a mini-series around Ruth Wilson‘s Alice, the research scientist/love interest on the show, and he’s already put out feelers to the network. “The BBC is very interested in the project,” Cross said. “The only real question would be how many and how often we would do it — whether it would be a one-off miniseries or a returning miniseries, a co-production or not.” At any rate, it all seems to be early stages at the moment, but it does definitely seem real.

For anyone who was watched the show they’ll know that Alice eventually left London, and Cross would pick up that thread, with the setting relocated to the United States. And while Cross is yet to talk to the quickly rising Wilson (“The Lone Ranger,” “Anna Karenina“) about the project (he will be soon), just don’t expect to see Elba in the show should it happen. “The great thing is they can survive independently of each other. Each of those actors is so kind of secretly magnetic…[Idris Elba is] able to pull that intense relationship out of many, many actors he’s worked with, and I think Ruth as Alice would be able to do the same,” Cross said describing the show as being between “The Last Seduction” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” “I think the first one would probably be a Luther-free zone, because their stories have diverged to a large extent, but there would be nothing to suggest they couldn’t come together again — either by this vehicle or a ‘Luther’ movie.”

And speaking of that movie it’s still on the table, though Cross cautions that and Elba are being cautious, making sure everything makes sense before they decide to it — but Cross would love to shoot it next year. But what do you think? Does Alice deserve a spinoff series, and would you watch? Or should “Luther” respectably end after the movie? Weigh in below.

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jessie williams

I would like to see more Luther and Alice the series was very interesting make a movie , I;ll watch it in a heart beat.


Luther is an incredible series, have not seen the third yet, but am in USA so usually a time delay here. Having said that, not sure if I would watch a series with Ruth or not, many times I like her when he comes to Luther's rescue but without him, I am not all that intrigued to watch it. I like her character but there is always this nagging thing in the back of my head about how I should not like her because she killed her parents.

I would definitely watch many more series of Luther, I think it is one of the best murder mystery series that I have seen in a long time and I watch them all, especially from England, the ones made in USA cannot even come close to yours. The longer Luther can stay, the better. geez, look at how long Murder she wrote and Monk lasted, barf, barf.. Would be awesome to watch something real and awesome for awhile for once!
None the less, thank you for this series, writing, casting, acting, all are incredible.


I would love to see a luther movie, i was disapointed not to see another season, But i would like to see a Alice series, and hope to see Elba on at least a few episodes.


I think Alice is one of the most superb characters on TV recently. She's a genuinely interesting and intelligent character… And, yeah, with Ruth Wilson, I'd watch it in a heartbeat.


If the scripts are good, absolutely! Ruth is amazing!

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