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Mel Gibson Says No To ‘Lethal Weapon 5’ But ‘Berserker’ Still Moving Forward, Will Be In English (Sort Of)

Mel Gibson Says No To 'Lethal Weapon 5' But 'Berserker' Still Moving Forward, Will Be In English (Sort Of)

Well, we’re just past the midway point of 2012, and the troubled Mel Gibson is dogged by controversy. Earlier this year he got into a public feud with Joe Eszterhas, who went public with another recording of Gibson blowing his top, with the screenwriter asserting that he was still up to his anti-Semitic ways, while Gibson claimed he was furious because Eszterhas had done little work on the Maccabees script. Nevertheless, Gibson has dusted himself and continues to press forward, bagging the villain role in Robert Rodriguez‘s “Machete Kills” (see an on set report right here), and he’s keeping his eye on the future.

In an interview with ComingSoon, Gibson revealed that his long-developing Viking movie “Berserker” is still in the works, and offered up a couple more details about the flick. “….I believe it’s going forward. I’ve talked to actors and stuff, and there are some good names attached who want to do it,” he said, while elaborating on previous reports that it would take a page from “Apocalypto” and be in defunct Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon langauges. “I’d thought about that at one time but then when you consider that English comes from the middle English language, it’s not a big jump. I’ll do something that’s understandable for a modern audience. But it won’t be the English they’re used to.”

Gibson confirms that Leonardo DiCaprio has exited the picture, but overall, it looks like the script he’s co-written with Randall Wallace is every bit as epic as you might expect. “I’ve got a great script. And the idea’s been batting around my head for years. And I couldn’t find a way to make it work, because if you look at what Vikings did, they’re pretty unsympathetic. And there’s no point in doing Viking light. So I had to find a way to find devices and ways to make that work dramatically, intelligently and make it seem realistic so it’s about real conflict in a real era in the 9th century, so that you actually see behavior and a new mode of thought seeping in. By the 11th century there weren’t any of these guys left anymore,” he explained about the movie.

Financing is still coming together for this one, so there’s no exact word on when it might actually head in front of cameras, but it does seem to be in a good place. But one franchise you won’t see Gibson in any more is “Lethal Weapon.” Even though Warner Bros. announced in 2011 they would be prepping it for a remake, in this age when movie series never seem to be finished, Gibson responded about any interest he would have in “Lethal Weapon 5” if it ever crossed his desk.

“No. I think the way things are going with ‘Total Recall,’ they’ll just remake those somehow. Though it’s really tough to replace Danny [Glover]. He was so amazing in those things. It was a good gig for us. It worked. But we knew it would,” he said. “…I had fun on every one of them and they were lucrative and good to me. And they really afforded me the opportunity to slow down and pick things and do things that really interested me. Like this ‘[Get The] Gringo‘ thing which didn’t pay but it was a good thing to have done.” 

So that’s where Mel is at right now. Read the full interview for his thoughts on the upcoming “Mad Max” and more.

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L.K. Hill

Being a published writer of the Viking Era, (Frey's Saga), and the book being historically correct, I hope that this movie will follow the true life of the Norsemen. There are some really, really bad Viking movies that were made in the past. The only movie I feel that ever came close was The Thirteenth Warrior.


Hope he makes the Viking movie, know its going to be great! To all the scandinavian peoples in USA, hooowaaah!


good to hear powderpuff dicaprio exited berserker. ..


and? mel Gibson is 100% right and his evaluation is hyper lucid.. not what can be said about the medias who arent even selfaware so how can they report about the rest of theworld??
Yes Mel gibson has absolutly nothing to apologise about and has hurted nobody at all ever, and yes ther eis plenty opf those people who owe him an apologise like this joe my arse and thios russian bride oksana–the-extortionist who should have been charged with extortion, as she asked him for 25 milion dolalrs in exchange of destroying those ilegaly made phone recordings, and gave ti to the media when mel gibson said no.. as a recent investigation of the DA's ofice jsut revelaed tha tin fact the DA knew oksan's lawyer person aly and was corrupted and didnt charged oksan with corruption, as the polive investigator had conlcuded in their report, because oksanas lawyer knew the DA but also because the DA was paid by him to do so!!
as for joes tales al waht he coudget on mel after 14 months was.. a 4m,in ipod recording ehem. that goes to say how patient and tolerenant mel gibson is since the idiot couldnt get anything else on mel than mel breakling a fuse on joe for not doing his work and coming empty handed at a week work where several other producers and directors were invited to work on that movie based on joes sxcripts draft.. that he didnt came with..
any other director will have fiored joes ass withi8n 4 months.
and joe has doen it before in 1991 and in 2003 with 2 other movie driectors, same story, he didnt deliver a draft and then made a scandal on thosze directors saying bs on them and writting a book on them with juicy home made (read imagined) details. Sounds familiar? weird how tghe media dont even investigate a thing now a day.. not even the stuff they self wrote about 9 years ago..
like never mentioning that the video accessible to the public, made by the arresting ccop on 2006, when mel got arrsted for DUI, with the dash board video, show mel gibson who never even mentioned the jews. Is that why this video was never show in the media?? i see…
it prove that this cops lied and that harvey levi who has seen that video, lied and that they made that fake report together.
No mle is not an antisemite and he hasnt to apologise for anything.


I will always be a fan of Mel Gibson because of the Mad Max, the first Lethal Weapon, Hamlet, and his work in front of and behind the camera for Braveheart. But , the guy needs help, and I am sure he is going to do something controversial again.

Stevo the Magnificent

Yeah baby yeah! Mel should forget about Hollyweird and just completely fund his own movies independently, thereby bypassing all the politics and b.s., plus he can make the movies the way HE wants to make them, like 'The Passion…' and 'Apocalypto'… roll on a hard R-rated 'Bezerker' and SOON please Mel…

Lalita Ray

Why headline your piece with Lethal Weapon and then start with the same regurgitated pap about Joe Ezterhas. Everyone and his mother knows about it by now. Would have appreciated the news first with the inevitable salacious bit-let added later on. That would have separated you from sludge-mongers like E!
And I for one am glad DiCaprio is gone. Incredibly intense actor, but the guy plays Leo in all his films nowadays. We would've had a Leo-Viking warrior. Avoidable.


I love Gibson period movies. Awesome.


YES! I was afraid that the Viking project was dead. Can't wait for this.


Mel is still a good actor and a creative director. Yes his personal issues are something else but can be tolerated here in America.

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