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Michael Strahan To Be Named Co-host Of ‘Live!’ Alongside Kelly Ripa

Michael Strahan To Be Named Co-host Of 'Live!' Alongside Kelly Ripa

Lots of excitement over new hosts for a number of TV shows in recent weeks, with the casting carousel at American Idol HQ most in the spotlight.

Add Live! with Kelly Ripa to that short list.

The ABC daytime talkshow that was, for a long time, hosted by Ripa and Regis Philbin, until Philbin left the show last year, has been on the hunt for a new host to take Regis’ empty seat.

And after months of speculation, it looks like Live! may have found its man.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, former NFL defensive star Michael Strahan will be named Kelly’s co-host next month.

Strahan (who has actually been a guest-host on on Live! after Regis’ exit) already has a gig with Fox NFL Sunday, but there apparently won’t be any conflict.

Other guest hosts who are said to have also been on the short list of potential permanent hosts include Seth Meyers.

Broadcast & Cable is a reliable source for the business of TV, so this just might eventually be confirmed by ABC shortly. But I wouldn’t change the name of the show to Live! with Kelly & Michael just yet.

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Good news. real charismatic guy. Nice to see one of our athletes making a graceful jump to another realm.

Adam Scott Thompson

I'm happy for that dude.


They have great chemistry, if he wouldn't have gotten then their other choice Seth would have been good as well.

anorexia nervosa

WOW. Congrats to Michael! And you know Nicole Murphy is very happy. After being married to Eddie Murphy, her new reality show and now her engagement to Strahand, thing$ are looking good for her..he he


@CareyCarey and ALM -Thank you both and yeah I don't know anything about the gay fan base, but it's good to hear he's a trooper regarding the Magic Mike segment and I too was always bothered by that voice of Ripa's she sounds like she is straining.

Bklyn Negress

Good pick. They have great chemistry.


I am so happy to hear this…for months I've been wondering if they were going to make the "safe" choice (bland as white rice Seth Meyers) or a true personality. He is so comfortable in that role, and I love watching the show when he's on. They are going in the new direction of daytime tv, which is more of that young "Ellen"-type format-they brought in a DJ, new set, and now Strahan. This is not necessarily for the Regis fans, but they're going after a younger demographic, which means increased advertising and sponsorship. Between his impending marriage to Nicole Murphy and this gig, he is having the best year ever. I'm ALL IN!


Congrats to him. I hope this is true. I have been watching the show consistently for months, and as Mariah Carey would say, Michael "worked hard for this mess". LOL


I don't know about this- I don't know too much about him at all, not being a football fan(I used to play the round pro leagues around town) But will this work, this show's fan-base is a ardent 92.1% White and Slightly older, slightly Urban mostly Suburban, almost the same fan-base that despises Obama. Is he Non-Threatening, are they going after a new demo by adding him. Or is he a superb host with skills that vastly underrated- This is where I get educated by the S&A folks!!! Some body hip me to the facts please?

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