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Netflix & DirecTV Considering Bringing ‘The Killing’ Back For A Third Season To Infuriate You Further

Netflix & DirecTV Considering Bringing 'The Killing' Back For A Third Season To Infuriate You Further

When AMC canceled “The Killing” at the end of last month, it put an end to a show that was full of promise but wound up infuriating many viewers by drawing out the mystery behind the murder of Rosie Larsen across two wheel-spinning seasons. In fact, as the second season begun, we laid out the case why viewers should be very, very careful about continuing to tune in to a program that offered increasingly diminished returns. And in any event, audiences were indeed frustrated, as viewership dropped considerably to 1.5 million viewers for the season finale, a tumble from the 2.7 million who tuned in for the first episode. But remarkably, despite harsh criticism from both critics and fans, and clearly measured waning interest, “The Killing” may live on.

TVLine reports that both Netflix and DirecTV are talking with Fox TV Studios to bring the show back for a third season. Wha? Yes, really. It’s all every preliminary, and both outlets are remaining mum, but we’re kind of baffled at what they see in the show. We’d have to wager it’s due to the rising profiles both Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos. The former will light up screens next summer as “RoboCop,” and in Sweden, he starred in “Snabba Cash II” this month which ousted “The Dark Knight Rises” from the top spot at the box office there. Meanwhile, Enos will be featuring in “Gangster Squad,” “World War Z” and Atom Egoyan‘s “Devil’s Knot” in the coming year. Having a show with both stars? Probably not a bad idea. At least on paper.

But will audiences even care? “The Killing” went out with a whimper and frankly, no one has really been clamoring for more. Given a second shot can the showrunners turn it around? If a third season crops up, will you be willing to tune in?

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Charles Pruett

I think those that were frustrated at the pace or plot of The Killing must be either spoiled fans of Desperate Housewives and can't spot great acting and in-depth plot exploration, or are just plain brain dead. Some of the CRAP that people are vying for these days doesn't even come close to this kind of dramatic quality. But that's always how it goes, you know? Lie To Me was cancelled because TV fans are typically unsophisticated.


I think Netflix has a brilliant idea and their numbers/data probably proves the point. If you watch this show using their service you don't have to become infuriated by the wait for a conclusion. Just sit yourself down on the couch for 11 something hours and you'll have almost instant gratification. Could this be a new way to keep TV shows out of the graveyard?


I don't understand who is trying to make sure this show never comes back. The amount of media that is complaining about how horrible The Killing was is quite unnerving. What shows are they watching that has better acting, cinematography and soundtrack than The Killing? If they don't like it, don't watch it!


Bring it back in 2013.


I don't know why the backlash of 2nd season. Sure it was a bit of a letdown they chose to reveal the killer's identity until the end of season 2, but the show was great. Great performances and decent writing – at least in season 1- Mireille was even nominated for an Emmy.

They did some things wrong for sure but now if given a second chance, I bet they'll be aware of what to do now and I'll be more than happy to watch a 3rd season. Overall it is a great show.


I'd love to watch Joel and Mireille play these characters again. The acting and characters were tremendous in The Killing. Linden and Holder would be easy to build a series around, just hire better writers. Neither Joel nor Mireille will suffer in their careers if nothing happens, however. They'd both likely be better off if it died.


The Danish original is incredible, especially the first series. Sarah Lund is a great character, sensitively played by Sofie Grabol. The US remake was, sadly, garbage.


Hey Kevin, not everyone was infuriated by The Killing. You suck.


They should consider getting the original Danish version. Much better than the us version, I've watched both.


I will definitely watch The Killing if it's brought back. This is is one of those few shows in recent years that I've really grown to like. While I see why a lot of people were frustrated, I didn't experience those feelings since I saw both seasons back to back. That made the whole experience a really great and memorable one. I do hope however that if a 3rd season is greenlit that they close off the main case within that lone season. They must know that dragging things out didn't work so well, ratings-wise, the first time around.


I'll be watching. There are at least 1.5 million of us who got hooked on he show and enjoy the characters and the atmosphere.


Enjoy the Kool-Aid guys.
This show is awful. It showed promise but it feel to muddled red herrings and boring subplots. The second season was even worse due to lack of care for anyone in the show.


Yes I will be watching. I was crushed when AMC cancelled the show. I for one did not mind that it took two seasons to solve the mystery. The journey is what it's all about. The chemistry between Enos & Killaman was a joy to watch. I have read so many positive comments about this show. I even loved all the rain.


I will be watching. It's great tv; and I'm not a big fan of dramas. I adore Joel and mirelle and hope it lasts many more seasons. Remember 'Lost'? It frustrated viewers too and it went on for like 6 seasons.


Excellent production values, great cast, and very good scene-to-scene writing. Overarching plotlines were generally terrible, but I loved the show in the small scale moments. Would love to have this come back.

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