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New Images Of Benedict Cumberbatch, Adelaide Clemens & Rebecca Hall In ‘Parade’s End’

New Images Of Benedict Cumberbatch, Adelaide Clemens & Rebecca Hall In 'Parade's End'

Back in 2006 James McAvoy, Alice Eve, Dominic Cooper, James Corden, Rebecca Hall and Benedict Cumberbatch all starred together in the low key British rom-com “Starter For Ten.” It would take a hefty chunk of change to reassemble that cast in 2012, but the BBC and HBO have managed to secure the latter two, Hall and Cumberbatch, for their co-produced miniseries “Parade’s End.” Also working on the Tom Stoppard penned novel adaptation are Rupert Everett, Miranda Richardson, Anne-Marie Duff (aka Mrs James McAvoy), Roger Allam, Janet McTeer, Jack Huston and Aussie newcomer Adelaide Clemens.

The first images from the series have now surfaced ahead of its August 16th premiere on BBC2, and at first glance everything looks lusciously period and a little bit reminiscent of ITV’s “Downton Abbey.” Maybe it’s the Edwardian setting of the British countryside and the sight of a grand country manor, or maybe it’s just that Cumberbatch’s swept blonde hair-do looks a little bit like Dan Stevens’ in the Emmy-baiting series. Other than the many pictures of Mr. Cumberbatch, there are a couple of looks at Rebecca Hall (looking as stunning as usual), but we get to see even more of the 22 year-old Clemens who will play the young suffragette Valentine Wannop.

The miniseries will adapt Ford Madox Ford’s four novels which chronicle the life of Christopher Tietjens (Cumberbatch), a government statistician from a wealthy family who is serving in the British Army during World War I. While Christopher is at war the novel also follows his wife Sylvia (Hall) – a socialite who seems intent on ruining her husband – and the suffragette Valentine (Clemens) with whom Cumberbatch is having an affair. The source material has popped up in many best novels lists since its original publication between 1928 and 1928, so this should represent a prestige project for the Beeb and HBO. Whether it retains the substance on screen remains to be seen when it airs over the next month. [Kinopoisk]

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As "Parade's End" takes place over 10 years and in these pictures i don't see what might be a fat-suit, then would imagine as time goes on that might be needed, tho doesn't sound like it will be anything too extreme.
Rem. an interview with someone who picked actors for roles and how they so often ran into ones who wanted to be "a star" and they wanted to be famous and they wanted it "now" without the actual passion for the work and the hard work and years that goes into it.
Benedict has been a working actor for 10 years and he has approached all his roles from the first ones on as something you do the best you can and for a love of acting. Fame has come to him but for him it means the ability to be able to have a chance at more roles to continue his life as an actor.
The fact that Tom Stoppard, when PE was first invisioned, wanted Benedict for the role in 2007 shows he knew then he had a great actor for the role.
Lots of actors are excellent but it's the ones with real depth and understanding of their roles and of course that extra something that can't be defined that sets them apart. Someone who can express an emotion that you understand immediately and all they have done is a slight change in expression or a look in the eyes. Benedict is one of those.


Well silly me and there I was thinking that acting was about transforming and not looking pretty. I find some actors more attractive the more risks they take. Look at the heavenly Cill (I can't stop) – he's willing to be WOMEN for Christ's sake. I suppose that will be a turn on to some. Kenneth Branagh is gorgeous as Wallander because of the glorious sensitivity of his acting. Of course Benedict will still be gorgeous because he will own the part. it's passion, commitment and intelligence that make for real attraction anyway (for both sexes IMO)


He looks very silly with a fat suit and cheek pads. Fans will get bored explaining to negative nellies on tumblr why he looks like that. Tom Hiddleston wouldnt be silly enough to go along with such a suggestion. Common sense should have told the producers that if you want the leading man to draw in an audience you dont make him look like a laughing stock.


Can't wait to see Ben and Company. I tried to get into Downton Abbey but couldn't, so I hope to get my costume drama fix from "Parade's End." BTW–Ms. Clemens looks a lot younger than 22!


Does he look fat??? I did not notice it. All I want to see is the series, I want to see Rebecca Hall as Sylvia, that bloody and intriguing and sympathetic woman. I just can imagine the chemistry between Rebecca and Benedict, I feel it'll be terrific and of course how it will be to see Benedict "in love" of a young woman. But, are you sure it will be aired August 16??? I have BBC but with this Olympics here and there I am lost from the rest of the world and can't take the control to change to another channel… yes, I am a sport addicted and Olympics are only one time in four years…
By the way, the stills are great.


PS: if there was a vote for cheek pads or no cheek pads I'd have voted NO CHEEK PADS. In some photos they look wonky in his mouth. My eye is drawn to the odd bulges.


Downton Abbey has huge press coverage and articles churning out every other day so I hope the web wont try and compare ratings. However, something does feel off about the publicity for this series. Fans of Cumberbatch have had to dig a lot to find out any details about it. Usually the BBC gives out sufficient details in support of a series, for instance The Hour, but we've only got hold of the press pack. Parades end is a more serious series than the soapy Downton but its still got a huge budget so is worthy of a big press push.


As journalist had a look at the first episode and they all seemed to think it was Brilliant and heard no one comment about the pads or anything else other than he was fantastic as usual.
I think, as said, when you actually see him "in motion' you'll forget all that talk about the pads.
He's a great actor and great actors do what they will do for a role.


IF — and that may be a big word as I've seen no verifiable confirmation — "Parade's End" doesn't air in the US on HBO until "early 2013," once again, a US-UK co-production gives the middle finger to the US audience by delaying broadcast for months. E.g., the BBC-PBS co-production of "Sherlock" not only aired both series ("seasons" in US parlance) months later on PBS (and each ep cut by 7-9 minutes, to boot!), is HBO now taking the same tack with "Parade's End"?

When are US broadcasters who enter into co-production/broadcast agreements with the BBC going to learn that when these productions are delayed being shown in the US, they are "spoiled" for the US audience via inescapable social media and internet news and blogs? Or are they so cynical to think that, "Oh, well, so what if the US audience already knows what's going to happen, they'll tune in anyway"?

I for one will not. After PBS's Series 1 broadcast of "Sherlock" when it was discovered (with the release of the Series 1 DVDs) that the US-aired episodes were cut, I refused to watch PBS's Series 2 broadcast and waited to buy the DVDs. Now with HBO reportedly delaying the broadcast of "Parade's End" for several months, I also will not watch this but will wait for the mini-series to be available on DVD. In fact, I may just cancel HBO altogether. I may not be able to escape all the press and internet spoilers for "Parade's End," but I'll be damned if I will continue to support wrong-headed business ventures that unfairly discriminate against their own subscribers. Oh, and the same goes for PBS. If they're going to cut programming to fit their format because they have to make room for their "corporate sponsorships" (i.e., commercials), they obviously don't need my hard-earned money.

Niles J

I cannot imagine Benedict Cumberbtch giving anything oher than a spectacular performance. He has not disappointed yet. Despite the fact that Tietjens is described as awkward, lumpish, heavy, etc. In the novels, he is still a very appealing character. Hard to imagine BC as anything other than totally mesmerising and, whatever physical changes he has made to make the role work, immensely appealing. Interesting that that when I saw the first PE photos, I noticed the padding. But I no longer notice when seeing new photos, and he looks nothing but mesmerizing to me.


The Radio Times has the schedules for that night and it shows a different drama. Where did you get the date from. Mammoth?

Jenna NY

Can't wait to see this…I love everything Benedict does, including his Luke Fitzwilliam. He did a great interview with Masterpiece in NYC. He is mesmerizing to watch…I absolutely love his Sherlock and the Belgravia movie was spellbinding…the cheekpads..hilarious. He has a beautiful face, but is like a chameleon with his characters. What a brilliant actor. I see a knighthood in his future too.


@HELEN Mr. Cumberbatch looked much uglier as the monster in Danny Boyle's stage production Frankenstein, that didn't put off his female fans and the production has become a sold-out international smash hit, hasn't it? I believe he even gained more fans for his spellbinding performances in Frankenstein. Additionally, he doesn't just have a female fanbase, maybe not so outspoken, but he has male fans as well. My husband has become a big fan of Mr. Cumberbatch after watching the Frankenstein screenings with our family; we are all Trekkies and very much looking forward to his performance in the upcoming Star Trek movie next summer.


No one knows about this series. Get your finger out producers


When is this on HBO? Its hard to find out any information on this series


The real question here is WHEN WILL THIS AIR IN THE STATES?


The cheek pads are such a minor detail that it's ridiculous to lose a single word about them. They will look natural in motion. Some people are so shallow… Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor, and I'm sure he would've got rid of them if they'd make him uncomfortable. It will all be beautiful and brillant, who cares about stupid cheek pads? I bet noone will notice them… Five minutes in the first episode and everyone will be vowed…


Honestly, BBC, I'm not sure what's wrong with your lack of PR for Parade's End. You really think after the Olympics, the audience will automatically turn in? They probably aren't even aware that the show is coming out.


The cheek pads make him look like he's got mumps. Its laughable. He should have said no to the idea. Its very distracting. Where has the promotion been on this series? 16 August start ???????


@HELEN You may be turned off by the cheek pads but I think I'll be more turned on by how he personifies Tietjens. I heard that Rebecca and Benedict both gave their best shot here and are both mesmerizing (well, as always). I don't want to see them, I want to see Christopher and Sylvia- two of the most complicated literary characters I have ever read. And I'm sure they'll both deliver.


Well, they may look the same here but Cumberbatch has way more charisma than Stevens.


So the series is airing next week. What are the BBC playing it with the lack of press on this.


I have a feeling that Benedict and Rebecca will be sporting "Sir" and "Dame" before their names in thirty years time.


August is a stupid time to air this series. Dont the BBC have any confidence in it?


Parade’s End is more complex and deep than the enjoyable but frivolous Downtown Abbey. So I hope that with a script of the great Tom Stoppard and with that wonderful cast it’d be something different and probably better. I can’t wait.
Cumberbatch is a really talented actor and I don’t think his allure depends of his physicality. I’m sure his fans are intelligent enough to understand the importance of his characterization.


Its about time some photos were released. The advertising of this series has been shocking. While Tietjens is meant to be overweight I dont think there was need to put Cumberbatch in ridiculous cheek padders and a fat suit. As Cumberbatch has a female fanbase why go out of the way to turn women off. It seems a stupid move.

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