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New Pics From That ‘Red Dawn’ Remake Starring Chris Hemsworth That You Forgot About

New Pics From That 'Red Dawn' Remake Starring Chris Hemsworth That You Forgot About

With one long-shelved project hitting theaters earlier this year in “Cabin In The Woods,” Chris Hemsworth hopes another movie bearing his name, which also has been delayed, will make a bit more of a splash than that excellent horror flick. “Red Dawn” — yes, a remake of the jingoistic 1984 movie — is headed to your multiplex this fall, and few new images have arrived.

The story of how this one managed to gather dust is a bit dull, but we’ll try to be brief. The film was shot and wrapped way back in 2009, but the financial woes of MGM kept the film on the shelf for a long time as the studio tried to become viable enough to give the picture a release. Eventually, MGM tried to sell the movie, but it became clear that the anti-China storyline was going to be problem because studios/distributors are increasingly relying on Chinese dollars to pad out foreign box office, so some digital retooling was done to give North Korea a bigger role as the antagonists. And Josh Hutcherson, who features in the film, is candid about this last point.

“Originally it was the Chinese [villains],” Hutcherson told USA Today. “And then there was the thought that the Chinese own most of the companies making movies and that maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world.” Indeed. And while the blown up profiles of both Hemsworth and Hutcherson should make it bit easier for the marketing team than it would have a few years ago, they are supported by able, but slightly less known names like Josh Peck, Isabel Lucas, Adrianne Palicki and more rounding things out.

“Red Dawn” happens on November 21st.

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i caught the screening a few months ago in NYC, gotta say it was one of the worst movies ive seen in a long time. You can digitally alter the antagonists, but you cant digitally alter how miserable the whole cast looks on screen.


The change of the storyline is hilarious. Josh Peck is defintely not a small name. There just are bunch of delayed productions.


cabin in the woods…overrated crap


What is Josh doing with his hands? Is the stoned looking guy supposed to be Charlie Sheen's character from the original?


This picture is cooler if you imagine that each of the guys featured above are coming from their previous films, makes sense considering how long this movie has been on the shelf

Josh Peck – Looks blazed – Straight out of the Wackness
Josh Hutcherson – Journey
Chris Hemsworth – Cabin in the woods

Original Red Dawn is insanely awesome….cause we live here!!!

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