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Norm Lewis (‘Porgy’) Joins ‘Scandal’ Cast In Recurring Role, w/ Incredible Arc As Olivia Pope’s Ex-BF

Norm Lewis ('Porgy') Joins 'Scandal' Cast In Recurring Role, w/ Incredible Arc As Olivia Pope's Ex-BF

He may currently be most known as Porgy in the Tony Award-winning Broadway revival of Porgy & Bess (starring opposite Audra McDonald), but Norm Lewis is no stranger to the screen; from roles in daytie soap All My Children in the 1990s on TV, to Sex & The City 2, in 2010, on the big screen.

And now with Porgy & Bess scheduled to end its run on September 23Norm Lewis will be returning to TV, signing up for a recurring role on ABC’s hit freshman series Scandal, when it returns for a second season next month.

In an on-set cast/crew interview with Huffington Post, there was this revelation by co-star Bellamy Young:

“We’re having a great guy named Norm Lewis who’s on Broadway right now in Porgy and Bess… I’ve known Norm forever because I was a singer on Broadway in my last life, and he’s coming to do an incredible arc, like Kerry’s character’s ex-boyfriend kind of thing … juicy wonderment. I can’t wait for that.”

Well then! That’s a big reveal isn’t it? Olivia Pope’s “ex-boyfriend kind of thing…” she says. 

Ok folks, go ahead and run with it!

There’s been lots of talk about whether Olivia will have a new love interest for season 2, with Joshua Malina, who has been promoted to series regular, recently saying that his character David (the U.S. attorney) just might get involved with Olivia; specifically that… 

“… the friction that exists between David and Olivia leaves the door open for romantic potential.”

Shonda Rhimes’ contribution to that discussion: 

There is [the possibility of a new romance]… There’s a prospect of one. I don’t know that we’re going to get to it early in the second season, but there’s definitely a prospect of one. I think that we call her a political nun and she has no personal life and we all know why she has no personal life. But I think that she reached a crossroads at the end of the finale.

So, who knows, maybe Norm Lewis returns as the ex-boyfriend trying to work his way back into a romance with Ms Pope. Or not… maybe he becomes a client, and their past adds some friction to his case. But it is a recurring role, and Young does call it “an incredible arc.”

We’ll find out when Lewis begins his duties on the series, reportedly scheduled to first appear in the third episode of the upcoming second season, which is currently in production, with a September 27 premiere scheduled.

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Madame Walker

Norm Lewis is nothing short of beautiful, in so many ways. Who knew that Denzel Washington's competition would come from a television series.


Senator (norm lewis) can stir up problems but keep olivia and the president it is hot and adds to the show. Even though they can not be together the way they love each other adds excitement to the show if she ends up with senator and fitz stays with his wife and they live like that then it is pointless. Yes her cases makes some parts of the show but what makes the biggest chunk of the show is her scandalous life with the president. Think about it if there was no him and her look how many episodes would have been pointless. I just think to keep up their ratings they can not actually end olivia and the president, that forbidden love is what people like.


He is perfect in so many ways that is KILLING ME. THIS is casting. When the artist is so strong, even if unknown to most, that you can SEE the potential storylines oooozing out of him. I don't know if he is going to keep the touch of gray in the sideburns, but if he did, it would be dope. All I see is experience, yet a youthful spirit, and I think that is what the audience will see as well. When you can look at the character and say, this man has CLEARLY lived a life interesting enough to have attracted an Olivia Pope… you have done your job. Well done, casting and Shonda. This is utter hotness.

Cover girl

Damn he's fine

Geneva Girl

He's a nice cup of hot chocolate!!! Thanks for this. Scandal was must see TV for us, but he is an added incentive to watch.


Season 1 definitely lived up to the title of the show. This should be interesting….

the black police

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW @ Joshua Malina. That shit better not happen!


Woo hoo! A brotha! lol I'm not familiar with Norm's work but he's handsome and apparently, very talented. Can't wait to see him in scenes with KW and TG.


This is great news! He's Dope.


I just cannot wait until next month. Scandal is the bidness!
And this ex of Olivia will make it all the more interesting….!!!


Yay! He looks good when she shaves, lol. Many were hoping for Blair Underwood, but with news of his new show developing, I guess he's too busy.


Woo Hoo! I CAN-NOT wait… he's perfect!


I adore Norm Lewis! So happy for him!


Well I hope this guy Norm Lews is Olivia Pope's love interest over Joshua Malina! Norm is cute! I am glad that Olivia Pope's ex lover is a black man. I thought Shonda would of made Olivia's ex lover a white guy pleasantly surprised.

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