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Olympic Gold Medal Winner Sanya Richards-Ross Signs Up For Reality TV Show On WE

Olympic Gold Medal Winner Sanya Richards-Ross Signs Up For Reality TV Show On WE

And so it begins…

WE TV has picked up a pilot episode for a reality TV series starring Sanya Richards-Ross, who won gold medal in the women’s 400m race. 

Already shot before Richards-Ross left for London for the Olympics, the series will give audiences a look inside the multi-medal-winning athlete’s personal life (married to Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Aaron Ross, and also her mother is her agent, her father is her manager, and her sister is her business partner), and professional life, including her physical training as a runner.

It’s worth noting that the couple – Sanya and Aaron – have a history with WE TV, having had their wedding featured on the WE TV’s Platinum Weddings show.

But expect more reality TV shows starring Olympic athletes to come, because there are apparently lots of producers interested in signing several of these athletes to show deals.

The Sanya Richards-Ross TV pilot falls under a development deal that production Good Clean Fun (producers of Tia & Tamera), have with WE TV.  

Next up? Gabby Douglas? Allyson Felix? Usain Bolt?

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Go Sanya! Keep making us proud!


CP, put one hand over your bad eye. Now look again–>"Out of the thousands of atheletes who competed at the games, surely they can bring one (who is not being promoted) who shares Lolo's package." Damn, Sanya Richards-Ross has a deal… and has had numorous sponsors. Please read before typing! … "who is not being promoted"


Now we have even more sisters winning gold as per about 30 mins ago, including one Tambay referenced in his post. These American girls are KILLING IT.


So if she hadn't won gold the pilot would have never seen the light of day?


She's a two time Olympian, honey-hued good looks and she's the American record holder indoors who has two world indoor titles. Yet, a New York Times piece entitled " Everything Is Image" that ran on August 4, penned by Jere Longman, ripped her to shreds. Nawl, I'm not talking about Sanya Richards-Ross. Listen, I don't watch ANY reality TV… can't do it. But since we're talking about female Olympians from the London games, there is one black woman's reality show I would consider. I would title it "The Burden Of Representation". Look, I'm talking about the trails and tribulations of Lolo Jones. She was the favorite to win Gold at the previous Olympic games (Beijing), in the 100-meter hurdles. She was leading in the final but hit the last hurdle and fell to the ground (she finished 7th). She returned this year. Here's what the writer said "Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be — vixen, virgin, victim — to draw attention to herself and the many products she endorses". Oh, did I mention that she is bi-racial AND a virgin? Also, many don't know that when she was in third grade, her family settled in the basement of a Des Moines Iowa Salvation Army church. During the summer when day camps were offered at the church, Jones would wake up early to avoid being teased by other kids if they found out she was living in the basement. Yeah, and the reality — her reality — includes her single mother, holding down two jobs to support her family of six. Jones' father ( a black man) spent most of her childhood in the Air Force and later in state prison. She finished 4th this year but she has no plans to retire and would like to still be hurdling at the Rio Games in 2016. She said, "Last night, Gail Devers called me and said she was … 37 when she got her last medal," Jones said of the two-time Olympic 100-meter champion. Lolo is 30. I would love to see a reality show chronicling her journey before, during and after these Olympics, leading to the next. Think about that. A thirty year old Olypic virgin, bi-racial black women who takes slack from blacks and whites — because of her looks. Jones is backed by big-name sponsors and has appeared on magazine covers, including a recent issue of "Time." Her charisma and childhood narrative — living in a church basement in Iowa — only add to a story that has made her one of the most marketable and high-profile athletes on the U.S. Olympic team.


Get ready for the mistresses to come out of the wood works!


Sick of reality shows but if this one features an active, fit, family-focused black woman handling herself and business with sense and intelligence then I won't be against it.

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