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Olympics Watch: Yo Geno Had It Not Been for Feminists You Wouldn’t Have Your High Paying Coaching Gig

Olympics Watch: Yo Geno Had It Not Been for Feminists You Wouldn't Have Your High Paying Coaching Gig

I’ve had very mixed feelings about Geno Auriemma the women’s basketball coach at the University of Connecticut.  He’s bred many wonderful players and now this week he is leading the US Women’s Olympic basketball team which is routing its opponents on the way to another gold medal.  Personally, I think when one team destroys another team that makes for a very boring game.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t really cared about watching women’s basketball much during this past week.

These routs should make it clear to the people who care about women’s basketball that they need to figure out how to invest some more funds and time into building better teams to take on the perennials like the US and Australia.

And I just wnat to remind Geno that it wasn’t too long ago when there was no women’s basketball at the Olympics, so when this male coach of a women’s basketball team says in a press conference that there are no feminists on his team I get really pissed off.

His team, Auriemma said, contained “no feminists.” They were not “running around” and “burning bras” and “trying to make the world believe in them.” Auriemma then said he would burn his own bra because it no longer fit.

I am just gonna bet that there are feminists on his team.  Probably more than one.  I also want to just also give Geno a history lesson and remind him that feminists were the ones who fought for the passage of Title IX which celebrated its 40th anniversary this past June.  The law opened up the world of college sports for women (among other things) which in turn enables him to have a job that he gets paid a shit load of money to do.

This guy continues to put his foot in his mouth and it is time for him to shut the hell up.  I am beyond disgusted.

U.S. Coach Keeps Talking, and His Team Keeps Winning (NY Times)

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Bob Lamm

I know this is late, but I've just discovered this great piece. Many thanks for writing it.


Thank you, Melissa. More need to speak up about that little boy instead of kissing his droopy butt

Carol Anne

I'm glad to see I'm not the only women's basketball fan–and feminist–to be shocked by Coach Auriemma's latest smart-alec remarks. Back home at UConn, the media adore him. Geno and the male local reporters smoke cigars, hang out on the road, play golf, and come across more as buddies than sportswriters. It's time some real journalists took a look at him.

Geno's remarks in London are offensive to Team USA and all women athletes. I wonder if Kelley Hardwick's suit against Geno prompted his "no bra-burners" comment?

Female Entertainment

This is great post! I love the feminist who played sports like a guy, they're so awesome. I would love to join it but it's too far to me. Good luck guys. Keep up the good work.


"I am beyond disgusted." — Oh God, lighten up.


Melissa, I had the same initial reaction as you, then decided to re-read the article to figure out what the hell Geno was talking about. My conclusion? Probably the same as the reporter's (hence the article's title): Geno was just ramblin' on, loving the sound of his own voice while making no sense. Sigh. I lost a lot of respect for him when he basically denied that sexism has anything to do with the shrinking number of female coaches coaching women's basketball.

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