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Preview Dramedy ‘Homecoming’ – 5 College Friends Reunite For Homecoming Weekend

Preview Dramedy 'Homecoming' - 5 College Friends Reunite For Homecoming Weekend

From writer/director Eugene Ashe, comes Homecoming, a featue film that premiered at this year’s Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, which ended over the weekend.

The synopsis for Homecoming, a Saatchi & Saatchi Nothing’s Impossible producer’s award finalist at the MVAAFF, as well as a nominee for Best Feature Film in HBO’s Competition, reads:

Homecoming tells the intelligent, funny and poignant story of five friends who attended an HBCU together in the 1990s, and reunite for Homecoming weekend at the house that was once their college dorm. News of one member’s recent death forces the friends to reflect on the past; rekindle relationships; reveal secrets; and redefine their lives.

About the filmmaker, in his own words: 

I am a native New Yorker and Harlemite, and was a Sony recording artist in the mid-90’s, as a part of the band “Funky Poets,” we were best known for a song on the “Free Willy” soundtrack. From there, I segued into film and TV by working on the HBO show “Oz.” In 2001, I was in negotiations with Miramax on my first feature film, under a two-picture deal that 40 Acres and a Mule had after the success of “The Best Man;” my film was to be their next production, but all that came to a screeching halt when 9/11 occurred, which caused my career as a filmmaker to go into a state of arrested development until now.

The trailer follows below; stay tuned for news on upcoming screenings in your neck of the woods, as the film travels Stateside:


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Miles Ellison

The Big Chill dipped in chocolate sums it up. The Big Chill was a ripoff of Return of the Secaucus Seven, a film that almost nobody except critics saw. Ripping off obscurity has the appearance of originality. It’s a cut above Kevin Hart movies and reality TV, though.

marquies patterson

I watched this movie the drama in it was good. but my real question is does any one know where i can get ahold of the soundtrack for this film by any chance? ive been searching for two years already but no luck can any one aid me?

Valerie L Dickinson

I actually went beyond the trailer and watched the film. All I have to say is that we need more stories/films like this. I loved it!!! Finally, we have a story that shows how diverse, unique, intelligent and complex we are w/o the reality tv drama. I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen that depict other ethnic groups with complicated, structured story telling. This movie does that for us! I may be a couple of years late but I just saw it on Netflix and I’m going to tell everyone I know about it. Good Luck with your future projects Mr. Ashe! Please don’t stop telling our stories.
Valerie Dickinson
Aspiring Author


Yea the trailer doesn't do much, but I'm excited to see all new faces. I'll support!

Adam Scott Thompson

Yeah, things got tougher for filmmakers post-9/11, as well as post-WGA Writer's Strike (the writers lost more than they gained). I think the reason why the trailer doesn't excite, as Akimbo put it, is because it doesn't tell a story. People think trailers are just dramatic, juicy images spliced together but they — the good ones, I mean — actually follow the same structure as the film itself: setup, inciting incident, midpoint context shift, end-of-second act nadir as well as a preview of the third act resolution. Anyway, it reminds me of "The Big Chill," dipped in chocolate. Good luck to Mister Ashe!

D.C. Kirkwood

Best wishes to the filmmaker but Ill pass. This story has been done and beaten to death too many times for me.


Hmmm. Doesn't look abysmal, but the trailer didn't excite me. Doesn't look as dynamic as "Best Man" and I don't mean the cinematography. Just looks like it will be a lot of people sitting around and talking for 90 minutes. Even moreso than Hav Plenty was.


Is it still on Netflix? Can’t find it.

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