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Preview Father & Daughter Courtroom Drama ‘For The Cause’ (In Post-Production)

Preview Father & Daughter Courtroom Drama 'For The Cause' (In Post-Production)

For The Cause is an upcoming feature film from writer/director/producer Katherine Nero, which wrapped principal photography just last month, and is currently in post-production, thanks to the $65,000+ Nero successfully raised earlier this year, which was enough to kickstart the production. 

The filmmaker says that the film was inspired by her curiosity about generational curses, and questions she explored like: Do generational curses still exist? How can generational curses impact present circumstances and future options? Can the destructive cycle be broken? If so, how?

Its full synopsis reads:

As Mirai Scott, a civil rights attorney, celebrates her most recent court victory on behalf of a wrongfully convicted man, she is contacted by her father, Rolly Spencer, a former Black Panther who went underground 30 years ago to escape a murder charge. Captured in Canada and extradited to Chicago, Rolly reaches out to Mirai and urges her to take his case. Initially, Mirai is hesitant to defend a man she doesn’t know. However, Mirai’s passion for justice and curiosity about her father take over, and she commits herself wholeheartedly to Rolly’s defense, despite warnings from Paul, her boyfriend, and her mother, Fredi. Mirai’s attempt to win Rolly’s freedom uncovers painful and dangerous secrets from her parents’ past through which she learns the true meaning of family and love.

Alexis J. RogersLaura E. WallsFrederick Paul Williams, and Alfred H. Wilson star in the film.

No word on when the finished film will debut; in the meantime, a promo follows below (note, this was shot to help raise money for the film, so it’s not from the final film that will be eventually released):

For The Cause – Trailer from IMPAKT STUDIO/Chris & Blaq on Vimeo.

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Huum..?…the pragmatic struggle and continuing saga of the Black Panther Party? i feel the vibe of this unspoken black power song sounds interesting;-)


It's been awhile since I've seen a good indie flick with an all black cast. This was has sparked my interest.


Looking better and better every time I see an edit of this promo.


The lead actress reminds me very much of Chandra Wilson.

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