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Reese Witherspoon Will Be ‘The Beard’

Reese Witherspoon Will Be 'The Beard'

Yes, Reese Witherspoon is an Academy Award winner, but when it comes to picking comedies, good lord, she needs to fire her agent or get a second opinion. Her last four? “This Means War,” “How Do You Know,” “Four Christmases” and “Penelope.” And now she’s signing up to do a movie whose premise was fodder for a “Seinfeld” episode thirteen years ago.

THR reports that the actress will produce and star in “The Beard.” Penned by Becca Greene (the shortlived “Good Vibes“), her script was picked up by Chernin Entertainment, and while there are no plot details, the trade does note that any desire you have for Witherspoon to go ZZ Top is out the window, as the title will refer to a girl who dates a guy to help keep his sexual orientation secret. How romantically comical! Of course, on “Seinfeld,” Elaine learned the hard way that trying to turn a gay man just doesn’t work. And we’d guess in this movie (there are no plot details) her friend will help her find true love and she’ll help him find his etc., etc.

Witherspoon is currently shooting the much more respectable “Devil’s Knot” with Atom Egoyan, so no word on when this might roll. It needs a director first anyway. But here’s hoping one of the other handful of projects she has in the works bumps this aside.

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Why must she continue making these lackluster romantic comedies? Hasn’t she learned from the failure of This Means War and How Do You Know?


She needs to stop making these ridiculous romantic comedies.


Ok, does anyone remember "water for elephants"? Did you know that she's one of the most expensive actresses in Hollywood (info from:… You know no one will pay you big money just because you are a celebrity in Hollywood, you need to be really good in what u do … So let her relax and film this romantic comedy and I'll watch it with pleasure…

You people are fools

You always get the same crowd of US Magazine readers defending Witherspoon with the same crap. Her "announcements" mean NOTHING. Do you guys remember "Under the Bridge" about a group of teenage girls who kills another one, Reese was attached as a reporter investigating it. Do you remember "Nice" about a woman who can't break up with a man so she kills them instead? Yep, she was attached to that too. I remember Reese fans saying the same thing about those projects. Remember when she was fucking attached to THE MASTER? Instead, though, she made HOW DO YOU KNOW and THIS MEANS WAR. It's the same now. She won't make "WILD" or anything else, just like she didn't make those others. She'll make this piece of crap movie. Then we'll read about how sweet and nice Reese Witherspoon is lending out her house to RPatz, or we'll get exlusive baby photos in PEOPLE MAGAZINE when her new baby is born. That's all Reese Witherspoon is. Her Oscar was a fucking joke. It was like giving an Oscar to Jennifer Aniston because she sang in a movie. Reese isn't an actress, she's a celebrity.


Reese Witherspoon will be starring in "Wild"????….but….Chetyl Strayed was 26 when she hiked the PCT…..the book was already adapted?. Huh….I missed that one. I am reading it now and I can't picture Reese playing Cheryl Strayed; Elle from Legally Blonde goes camping.


She can do a few comedies since she's also doing dramas right now – Mud, Devil's Knot, Wild (the book it's based on is Oprah-approved)…


Oh gawd! If there's a competition between the Oscar leading actresses of 2000s about "Who's having the worst post-Oscar career" Witherspoon is close to winning the race -Even above of likes of Hilary Swank and Halle Berry-.

What is she thinking? For a "Devil's Knot", we have films like "This Means War" and even she's dreadful in "Rendition". Sorry, but this project is AWFUL and I don't need to be a psychic. Even I tend to believe she's having advice for her worst enemy not for her agent.

Just an advice Reese: Get another agent, girl. You're an Academy Award Winner and you're 36 years old, so you need to think better your future projects. I really miss the old Reese -Election, Pleasantville, Freeway, Twilight-

She's Over

She should just have those babies, sell the photos and story to PEOPLE, start a tacky reality show and be done with it. No one ever wants to watch something Reese is in. The people in Hollywood who give her MILLIONS to star in shit are fucking retarded.

She's Over

Witherspoon is over. She has been doing this for years. She makes all kinds of announcements and then does these stupid romantic comedies. In Hollywood, when someone is making a retarded romantic comedy they call Witherspoon. She'll always say yes to them. MUD won't do anything for her. We'll see about DEVIL'S KNOT and then we get to look forward to this. Witherspoon is nothing more than a fucking celebrity now. Her entire career strategy since moving to CAA has killed her as a serious actress.


When are they just going to make a Freeway sequel already

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