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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Together…In New Images From ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Together...In New Images From 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'

So, in addition to serving as the final chapter in “The Twilight Saga,” will ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2‘ also be a scrapbook to Robsten, one of the great cinema romances of our time? Certainly, the picture of them gazing lovingly at each other in this batch of new images from the sequel carries with it a certain amount of weight. Will KStew and RPatz fans be able to contain their tears? Yes, this movie asks big questions…

In case you somehow didn’t know, the final chapter will see Bella embrace her new vampire status, while raising her freak child Renesmee with her hubby Edward, conceived after their sextacular honeymoon. Ah, but those damn Volturi are still around, and they aim to destroy Renesmee because they think (mistakenly) she’s an immortal child. And you thought finding a pre-school was hard! Anyway, expect more shoddy effects and wooden acting from the series that hasn’t done much to elevate the game since day one.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” (because that’s what you say when you buy a ticket) opens on Novampire 16th. [EW]

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Pre- school was hard… I'm sure plots of comics adaptations are more ''intelligent''.What will be in next year?Batman?Oh,no they are finished,right?I'm so glad,no more shooting in theatre.But all those supermen,x-men,ironmen are still waiting.Unfortunately.


Its pretty much the only movie that going into it I already know its not going to be good. But I have already gone this far I feel obligated to see it through even though bella is probably one of most boring characters ever written, so in a way stewrt has actually done a good job with acting bored. Lol

Viva Twilight

I've had just about enough of the disrespect shown to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Come the revolution it'll be the disbelievers up against the wall. And I shall laugh.

We Get It Already

Kevin, if you can't write an objective post about a film without feeding in your (I'm a real film fan you know) pretension – just fuck off.


I hate that bella has her shirt tied up in a knot in one of the above pics, that is Kristen Stewart's look (which is terrible) and not Bella's

Jean Bee

The pictures look lovely. They still are the ultimate couple. I actually think Taylors part is a Bit tricky not to come across as a pedophile. I guess they worked it out somehow. In the last shot Kristen looks like a young Sigourney Weaver. And you, Kevin Jagernaut, did not get anything at all. Sorry…


I can't look at these pics. I feel so betrayed. Kirsten betrayed all of us. She made us think it was possible to find true love. She deserves to end up on cable or to become a housewife. Stay strong R-Patz.

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