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Sanaa Lathan Talks About Plans For A ‘Best Man’ Sequel

Sanaa Lathan Talks About Plans For A 'Best Man' Sequel

I know a lot of people have been begging for one. Why, I honestly don’t know. Was the first one THAT great? I barely remember a damn thing about it. But nevertheless, there are people anxiously waiting for a followup.

So to give you some relief, Sanaa Lathan recently, in a TV interview, talked about the latest developments for a potential sequel, revealing some details, which will be good news for those hoping to see it soon.

But you have to wade through one of those typical vapid TV promo interviews in which she hypes her new role on the Starz cable series Boss. But don’t worry, she’ll get to it.

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@Akimbo – spot on. @Sergio – I fancy myself a connaisseuse of film. My husband and I watch the movie every year for our anniversary. For me, this film is worthy of note and should be in the annuls of the Third Golden Age of Black Entertainment (late 80s to late 90's). There were many things that Akimbo pointed out in terms of the problematic tone that are quite valid… the stripper who loves Audre Lorde… okay… somehow, it all worked. The sexism seemed authentic, not an attempt to put forth some misogynistic message… just a day in the life of some guys and every actor killed it. From Regina to Taye. Not to mention, the storylines and life paths of the characters seemed EXTREMELY authentic and pulled from real understanding or life experience (write about what you know, or research the hell out of it) as opposed to this modern day BS we see where "people" write about what they imagine other (somewhat successful) people to be ESPECIALLY after having NO VARIED LIFE EXPERIENCE. Pure arrogance. BTW – THE BEST MAN, skillfully written and directed by Malcolm Lee who also wrote the adorable ROLL BOUNCE (we need you now Lee, more than ever), is reminiscent of a time when the Black film industry was self-suffucient and was not always looking over the fence to see what "the establishment" was doing; fighting to pull one another back from climbing over that fence, jealousy when one made it over and "nah, nah, nah, nah, nah" sung from the fence victor (who now transcends race) to the one's "left behind" in order to ridicule their continued "Black" status. A sequel to THE BEST MAN may not be the most original idea, but it is sorely needed.

Mr. Friendly

Everybody in that cast needs a job today. And Malcolm Lee needs a hit. I'll wait for the bootleg (like I did with the first.)


I think the Best Man was an important film didn't it debut at number one back in 1999? The Best Man opened the door for a lot of black actors such as Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut to get a higher profile. I also think The Best Man helped improve the black romantic comedy genre. The Best Man was a decent film not perfect but it was solid.


@ Sergio: Look at how bad the movie climate is for casts of color currently (with the exception of Tyler Perry's films). Many of us would gladly see a "Best Man" sequel. As "Get These Nets" said, it was great to see attractive, successful, working people of color in real situations as opposed to hood cliches and stereotypes. I remember several moments from the movie. Harold Perrineau and Terrence Howard killed their parts.

get these nets

Best Man came out on the heels of a lot of horrible neo hood films. I think a lot of people were pleasantly surprised to see a film with Black professionals and upwardly mobile types. Hollywood took notice and afterwards there were a lot of average films with buppie characters….about as cliched as the neo-hood films were but with less violence and blatant sexism.

My only disappointment with the film is that the wedding group dance scene did NOT feature the advertised-in-trailer Stevie Wonder song "Always"


Despite the sexist attitude/tone, I really enjoyed the first. It wasnt deep or anything, but the cast gelled perfectly, it was fun, and Nia, Harold, Regina, Melissa, & Terrence were all charming as hell. Everyone in it should be booking jobs off that movie alone. I caught it on tv the other day & gained a new appreciation for it; also spotted Dorian Missick and Brian White as extras in the bachelor party scenes. I'd definitely watch a sequel, but I'm not clamoring for one. I don't imagine it measuring up.

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