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Teaser For Upcoming New Web Series From Reagan Gomez, Matthew Cherry – ‘Almost Home’

Teaser For Upcoming New Web Series From Reagan Gomez, Matthew Cherry - 'Almost Home'

The web is the new TV in case you haven’t been paying attention. The *process* as we know it has been democratized. Got a story to tell, the necessary tools are far more accessible than they ever were, and distribution/exhibition is an upload and a click away.

Of course, attracting an audience is where the challenge really lies.

From director Matthew Cherry (The Last Fall) and writer/actress/producer Reagan Gomez, comes a new webseries starring Gomez, as well as Wesley Jonathan, Denyce Lawton, Jackie Long, DeJuan Turrentine, QU33N!, and DeWayne Turrentine, titled Almost Home.

Al Thompson exec produces. 

Its synopsis reads:

After the death of their mother, Lisa and DeJuan decide to live out her dream and move to sunny, California. Lisa quickly finds a job while DeJuan gives up engineering school to become a singer. All seems well, but old troubles find them… mainly, Lisa’s abusive fiancé. Lisa learns to embrace her stronger self, while DeJuan learns a little responsibility isn’t such a bad thing.

Gomez stars as Lisa, while DeJuan Turrentine plays Dejuan.

Cherry and Gomez previously worked together on the 2010 short film, This Time, which just might be expanded to feature-length.

Info is limited on Almost Home at the moment, as in when it can be expected, but the teaser trailer below gives you enough of a glimpse at what to expect.


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This Time was made by a 3-year-old. All it had was decent production value. So, I'm not expecting much from the Cherry/Gomez duo.


1. He is SINGING that Commissioned. Had me ready to throw a pair of pumps at the computer. Yes!!! 2. The other short Reagan did where she was set to get married was AMAZING. 3. I see Reagan's husband in the clip at 1:03. 4. Reagan has always been such a beautiful lady, and she does a nice job with her acting. She doesn't over-act.

D.C. Kirkwood

Big fan of Reagan Gomez-Preston, I wish she got more work. I saw the short film she and Cherry did. Since Im a veteran, I thought that it was very touching and well done. I hope it does become a feature. I think her and Tatyanna Ali should collaborate on a web series together since Tatyanna did Buppies. Best Wishes to her and Cherry.

Critical Acclaim

Looks promising. Yes I really love filmmakers saying F&CK it! We're making our own thing! We need that kind of feeling among us. Forget THEM. It's about US.

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