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The LA Times Talks to Three Women Directors – Where is the Female Equivalent of Woody Allen?

The LA Times Talks to Three Women Directors - Where is the Female Equivalent of Woody Allen?

Check out the LA Times piece on Ava DuVernay, Jullie Delpy and Leslye Headland.  While things still suck for women directors, it kind of feels like the conversation is shifting.  Maybe I am being too optimistic, but I am forever hopeful.  I will be interested to see the statistics at the end of 2012 to see if any movement has been made.  Here at Women and Hollywood we are keeping track of all the films released directed by women on pinterest.  Right now it is just features.  We will also work on a documentary plage.  Please let us know if we missed any films.  We will update as often as possible.

Here’s my takeaway:

  • Women still only get the majority of movies made outside of the studio system.
  • Do not underestimate Sundance as a launching point for movies by women.  All of these women’s films premiered there.
  • Male directors seem to have longevity.  Women really struggle getting their sophmore and third films made.  That’s where women fall off the cliff.  As Ava DuVernay asked: where is the female equivalent of Woody Allen?
  • Women actors really are looking for different types of roles and this is a place where women writers can be successful by creating out of the box characters.
  • Women do have imaginations and don’t always write from their lives – just like the dudes!
  • There is still a perception that women don’t help women.  Ugh.

Please check out this interview.

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Jennifer Westfeldt IS the female equivalent of Woody Allen. She probably won't make as many movies as him, but she is just as brilliant and funny and talented.


"And women FO NOT hate women. Tsk tsk Julie Delpy."

I hate it when people say that. Yes there are some catty women out there, especially in Hollywood but most women don't hate women. And I've seen plenty of men behave towards other men in ways that would be called catty if a woman did it to another woman but people never say "men hate men".


Good article.


This is great. Glad La Times did this. Thanks for the post and the breakdown. And women FO NOT hate women. Tsk tsk Julie Delpy.

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