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The Many Faces Of Halle Berry In New ‘Cloud Atlas’ Pics (Keith David & David Gyasi As Moriori Tribesman Too)

The Many Faces Of Halle Berry In New 'Cloud Atlas' Pics (Keith David & David Gyasi As Moriori Tribesman Too)

If last week’s super-duper, mega, orgasmic, fantabulous 6-minute trailer for Cloud Atlas didn’t give you enough of a preview of what’s to come, then maybe these new sets of images will finally satiate.

The adaptation of David Mitchell’s labrynth of a novel is co-directed by Tom TykwerLana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski, and stars Tom HanksHalle BerrySusan SarandonKeith David, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Doona BaeBen WishawJames D’Arcy and Zhou Xun.

The released synopsis reads:

“Cloud Atlas” explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future.

Although that doesn’t even begin to unwrap what happens in this thing.

As already noted, several of the film’s stars will play multiple characters, which is further highlighted in the series of images embedded within this post.

The biggest change for me as an actor is to have two different film units and two different film crews and to go between the two from one day to the next,” Ms. Berry said in a recent intervierw. She described playing “a Jewish woman in the 1930s” for Tykwer, then becoming “an old tribal woman” for the Wachowskis the next day, and then losing track of fellow cast members amid the layers of makeup and costumes. “Some days I go into the trailer, I’ll be having a conversation — I won’t even know it’s with Hugh Grant until five minutes in,” Ms. Berry said.

Add to the list of characters she plays, an emissary from an advanced civilization, as well as a journalist investigating reports of corruption and murder at a nuclear power plant. 

So, which of the photos here belongs to what character?

And by the way, we’ve completely ignored the fact that Brit actor David Gyasi is in this as well; IMDB lists his character’s name as Autua, the last of the Moriori tribe (in the South Pacific), saved from slavery by the attacking Maori warriors (in the 1830s), and who later engages in an act of heroism himself. 

The trailer promised something heady as you’d expect (quite chatty too), and visually captivating. Running at close to 3 hours, and rated R, with this team (cast and crew), and the mix in styles/technique from all 3 filmmakers, it should be quite the ride. I just hope it lives up to expectations.

Ahead of its October 26 release, Toronto International Film Festival attendees will get to see it first, since the film will make its world premiere there.

First check out the images immediately below (thanks to Collider), and then, if you haven’t yet, watch the intro from the 3 filmmakers; then watch the epic 6-minute preview underneath; and finally, the poster at the very bottom. Also check out the website for the film, HERE, where you can listen to what will likely be its signature track (original music for the film composed by Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer), and see many more images.


Cloud Atlas – Andy Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, Lana Wachowski Intro from Tambay Obenson on Vimeo.

Cloud Atlas – 6 Minute Trailer from Tambay Obenson on Vimeo.

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The book was a doozy. I can only imagine the film to follow suit…but in the best of ways.


Wow. Really? I'm sorry, but that is one of the most ridiculously pretentious trailers I've watched in quite some time. Laughable in parts where I'm fairly certain I wasn't supposed to laugh. It wasn't even visually interesting for the most part. Halle Berry is a consistently underwhelming yet over-hyped actress, and Tom Hanks generally hasn't been interesting since Castaway. Even the presence of Susan Sarandon and James Darcy, no matter how much I like their acting, can't convince me to spend money on this one. I loved the first Matrix (found it to be visually awesome and intellectually stimulating, albeit with a mediocre/terrible lead actor who was surprisingly perfect for the role). But I'll pass on this Wachowski film, which seems more like a piece of quasi- intellectual cinematic masturbation. I'm surprised to see everyone else so taken by this, but whatever floats your boat I guess. To each his/her own.


this link shows 2 other roles Halle plays, but i think they are very minor or cameos


From the photos at the website (some of which look dodgily photoshopped) and the trailer (which looks amazing) I can make the following guesses about character identities– if the film closely follows the novel. (Some actors have confirmed playing certain characters as well.) Some characters appear only in the trailer, some only at the website. I'll list characters in chronological order of the novels six storylines, a format the website follows as well. Tom Hanks plays Dr. Henry Goose, Isaac Sachs (the scientist with red hair) , Dermot "Duster" Hoggins (the gangster-turned-author), and Zachry. Halle Berry plays Tilda, Jocasta, Luisa Rey, and Meronym, Jim Sturgess plays Adam Ewing, Hae-Joo, and possibly Zachry's father. James D'Arcy plays Rufus Sixsmith in two stories (as a young and old man) and The Archivist (the bald Korean man). Hugo Weaving plays either D'Arqoq or Horrox in the first story (the old man in the trailer disussing rules), Bill Smoke, Nurse Noakes, Dr Mephi (this is a guess, but we know he plays a prominent Korean character in the Sonmi story, and all his characters are villains or authority figures), and Old Georgie. Jim Broadbent plays Capt. Molyneaux, Vyvyan Ayrs, and Timothy Cavendish. Ben Whishaw plays James Frobisher, a female character in the Luisa Rey plotline and a nursing home resident in the Cavendish plot. Susan Sarandon plays a love interest in the Cavendish plot (Ursula? Veronica? Mrs Latham? Possibly a composite?), a male, Indian character (possibly in the Sonmi plotline) and the Abbess. David Gyasi plays Autua, Keith David plays Joe Napier and An Kor Apis, Bae Doona plays Sonmi-451, Zhou Xun plays Yoona-939, Hugh Grant plays Grimaldi, Seer Rhee and the lead Kona cannibal. I'm probably missing some characters and guessing wrong on others.


2nd Billing under Tom Hanks? Wow. I am really excited for Halle Berry and hope this movie is as great as it looks and does phenom at the box office. I've always liked Halle and hope this movie is a success and let's the world see why we still root for her.


Im so hyped for this movie…… its ridic

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