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Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be ‘Aurelia,’ ‘Place to Stand,’ ‘Wonder Drug’ or ‘Lens’?

Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be 'Aurelia,' 'Place to Stand,' 'Wonder Drug' or 'Lens'?

Vote below for this week’s Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a creative consultation from the fine folks at the Tribeca Film Institute!

The four projects up for the prize:  “Aurélia,” “A Place to Stand,” “Wonder Drug” and “Through a Lens Darkly.”

Voting will end on Monday August 6, at 11AM Eastern.

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The film trailer for Aurelia is made up of other peoples work. The image of the animals howling is an Amy Stein photograph. Most of the rest of the trailer is from the Australian film Somersault. She is taking other artists work without their permission.


I vote for Wonder Drug!

I been sick for a long time and my mom lost twins before me. She is passed so I have no idea of I am exposed or not. It does not matter the drug companies have to be contained.


Let's help the truth of DES be made available to the public via this film Wonder Drug.It's a shame that it has taken so long and has had to be undertaken by a DES affected person. I wish Caitlyn all the very best for her film and her future.

Sharon Hunter-Putsch

We all believed in our doctors….would never give us something that could harm….DES did harm and the drug companies knew all along.


The trailer for A Place To Stand looks phenomenal. The story of Jimmy Santiago Baca's transformation is remarkable and empowering.

Susan Robinson

I will definitely go see Wonder Drug. In fact three generations of my family will be there. The fourth generation to possibly be affected is too young to go, but I'll take notes tor the. So many people know nothing about DES although it's affected a countless number of lives. I'd guess some of the uninformed are among those affected. I am a DES daughter; the drug has been blamed for several medical problems in my life. I suspect there are more medical problems it could be blamed for, but because of the lack of research, I may never know in my lifetime. I feel as if DES victims are like the baby thrown out with the bath water. We're the good, DES is the bad, when mixed together no one knows what to do with us, so we, along with our DES complications have been cast out to fend for ourselves. I think Wonder Drug would be such an important movie in so many ways.


I think that all people from European countries who also suffered from this drug, will vote for WONDER DRUG.


This needs to be open to view for all to see. Yet another drug killing and affecting children and grandchildren .All DES decendents need to know are you 1. I am and so are millions of others.
Let the world see the truth openly not just hidden behind closed doors. Save a life and vote..

Joanne Vawser

Voting "YES" for the documentary 'WONDER DRUG'. I am a sufferer from DES. My mother was given the drug DES during pregnancy in 1960. It has affected my whole life and I'm never free of concern. DES, is a dangerous drug given to innocent people by unsuspecting doctors. Please vote for this film.

Barbara Craill

The world needs to see this. Australia needs to see this. I was prescribed DES in 1960 to prevent a miscarriage, so I was told. My daughter has been affected and has been tracked since medical problems in puberty that followed her since and she is now 51 and still being monitored. A dark shadow on her life. This is overdue for exposure.


This important film should be viewed by everyone.
Most people are unaware of the drug therefore this film is of great importance highlighting the effects and alerting all with information regarding DES suffers and the long term issues.
I was so shocked to find that in poorer contries this Drug is still in use. HOW AWFUL.
I have become an unwilling victim of this drug and am now trying to deal with the consequences.


WONDER DRUG for sure – only just found out about DES.. woah why have we been kept in the dark!?


I vote YES for Wonder Drug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The public needs to see this!!! Don't let the drug companies try to block it!!!


I vote for Wonder Drug!! This is a fascinating look into the corrupt world of Big Pharma and the effects of pushing drugs that have not been tested on people- mainly DES. DES will and has caused millions of people to have serious health problems including cancer. The public needs to see this documentary!! Please, vote YES for Wonder Drug!!


Yes!! Wonder Drug Wonder Drug!! The public needs to see this documentary!!! The drug DES has affected and will affect millions of people. It gets my vote!!

rosalie hoffman

Great inspiring topic with a new budding interesting film maker.


@Garland, look at the box just above the blue "Filmmaker Toolkit" tab. That's where you click on a circle next to the project you're supporting, and then click the Vote button.

Garland Thompson

How do you vote here? I don't see any links. Is it just here in the comments? Help!

Elke Kiehn

Have just voted for WONDERDRUG – this story needs to come out into the open and be told. It is an even bigger scandal than the drug Thalidomide

Betty Copeland

It's time…yes to Wonder Drug.


Just voted for "Wonder Drug." This is a story that MUST be told!

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