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Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Continues To Mine His Age For Action & Laughs In Trailer For ‘The Last Stand’

Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Continues To Mine His Age For Action & Laughs In Trailer For 'The Last Stand'

Guys! Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is old? Does “The Expendables” and “The Expendables 2” not meet your quota of Old People Jokes + Things Exploding? Good news: “The Last Stand” is one the way.

At one time, we were kind of stoked that Kim Jee-woon, the man behind “The Good, The Bad, The Weird” and the deliciously demented “I Saw the Devil,” was behind this picture. Perhaps he’d bring some necessary edge to what looks to be a rote Arnie action movie. But instead, it’s actually just a rote Arnie action movie. The new trailer has dropped and before Arnie’s sheriff character can enjoy a cup of coffee at a diner, a “situation” arises and he has to reluctantly get into ass-kicking mode. Peter Stormare plays the bad guy, and….holy shit, is that Johnny Knoxville

In case it matters to you, the story follows a disgraced LAPD cop (Arnie) in a new job in a small town, who is trying to stop a drug cartel leader who has just busted out of prison and is trying to make it across the border with $400 million bucks. Genesis Rodriguez, Forest Whitaker, Harry Dean Stanton, Rodrigo Santoro and more round out the cast.

Anyway, you’re either rolling with this or not. “The Last Stand” opens on January 18, 2013.

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arnold swarzeneggar movie info


i made it to 49 seconds.


For some reason a lot of foreign directors English language debuts are pretty bad. U got Alien 4 by the Amelie director, Mimic by Guilemo Del Toro, Etc.


Larry David would've said "it looks pretty prettyyy prettyyyyy good :)


The presence of Knoxville only adds to the Walking Tall vibes. Still, I'm hoping Jee-woon can elevate the material to something enjoyable.

Kevin Klawitter

Yeah, and "The Grey" was just going to be about Liam Neeson punching wolves, right?


Well they're obviously going to make it look like a generic Arnie picture because they're completely reliant on the audience that spends money on generic Arnie pictures. I have faith in Kim Jee-woon. He doesn't have the raw talent or vision of a Bong Joon-ho but when it comes to genre directors he's a rich man's Robert Rodriguez. Most people just know him for his last couple of pictures and don't bother to look into his back catalog. The man has jumped from black comedy to Asian horror to heroic bloodshed and (mostly) nailed each genre he's worked on; he's as good a choice as any to update the Arnie flick for modern times.

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