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Watch: Goth Sean Penn Clarifies The Difference Between Arcade Fire & Talking Heads In ‘This Must Be Place’ Trailer

Watch: Goth Sean Penn Clarifies The Difference Between Arcade Fire & Talking Heads In 'This Must Be Place' Trailer

In “This Must Be the Place,Sean Penn plays a faded goth rock star named Cheyenne. If that alone doesn’t make you chuffed to see this, you can pretty much stop reading right here. But for the rest of us, after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival way back in 2011, the latest from “Il Divo” director Paolo Sorrentino now has a new trailer, and no matter the mixed reviews out of the Croisette, we’re kinda dying to see this.

Co-starring Frances McDormand, Judd Hirsch, Kerry Condon, Harry Dean Stanton and Eve Hewson, the story follows Cheyenne, who picks up on his estranged father’s obsession with finding a Nazi war criminal after he passes away. Yes, it’s kind of outrageous and Penn seems to be blending his “I Am Sam” performance with an imitation of Robert Smith from The Cure, but this is also pretty dryly funny and absurd, and has a tone we dig. However, the review from the man at Cannes said, “the film can’t help but feel like three movies in one — one about the regrets and present circumstances of a once-raging rocker, another about a grieving son travelling across America and a final one about the long-terms effects of the Holocaust…And none of the three movies works especially well with the other two, and none of the three is especially notable on its own.” Hmm…

But with a soundtrack featuring Will Oldham, Iggy Pop, Sigur Rós and yes, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne who is responsible for “This Must Be the Place,” not Arcade Fire, we can’t help be but curious. “This Must Be the Place” opens on November 2nd. Watch the new trailer below.

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one of my favorite films of last year. charming, quirky, meandering, absurd, great soundtrack, awesome cameos, etc. definitely not for everyone, but what is?

tristan eldritch

God, that trailer actually makes it look cool, but I've heard stone cold bad things about it.


One of the worst, most horribly misconceived movies of the year, though it does have some startling scenes in its third act. Not nearly enough to save it, though.

cory everett

Avoid like the plague.

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