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Watch: Haunting, Moving Trailer For ‘The Impossible’ With Ewan McGregor & Naomi Watts

Watch: Haunting, Moving Trailer For 'The Impossible' With Ewan McGregor & Naomi Watts

We’ve seen a few Spanish language spots for Juan Antonio Bayona‘s “The Impossible” but none have landed with quite the impact (forgive the pun) for the latest domestic spot, one that makes a serious case that we could be looking at an Oscar contender here. Certainly, Summit hopes so.

Starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, the film tells the true story of a family on vacation in Thailand in 2004, when the devastating tsunami rips them apart, putting them on a perilous path of survival. The trailer hits all the right notes: terrifying, emotional and tremendously moving, without feeling like it’s exploiting a tragedy for easy awards season tears and awards. Hell, even the Damien Rice cover of U2‘s “One” feels spot on.

“The Impossible” will premiere at TIFF and open in limited release on December 21st. Watch below.

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The actress is listed BEFORE the actor.


This is just fucking moving. I just burst into tears after watching its trailer which gets the top rating. Needless to remember Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in Stay back to 2005, with Ryan Gosling. P.S. Some people comment here get some issues.


Sorry and again, this film is with, and starring Naomi Watts (in the lead), and Ewan McGregor, as clearly pronounced in the trailer and all promotional posters and banners. Stop snubbing the actress time and again from credits properly due to and deserved by her. As a media you should report correctly and without prejudice.


There's only one problem. There was that Clint Eastwood film. Anything else seems like a poor attempt to immitate that fabulous scene. It doesn't work.

Trash Head



As much as the comments regarding the film/ trailer appearing to 'almost entirely focus on the white-people' are valid… it's probably worth noting that if it had instead been centered on a South East Asian couple, there would be none of the scale or scope that a large budget afforded by casting two established Hollywood stars. The only other option I could see would be to go the 'Babel' route with multiple storylines and arcs – of which I'm not a fan. I feel it would dilute the emotional and physical journey you're embedded with. But hey, it's just my two cents.


This has Oscar written all over it! Naomi looks amazing. She's been snubbed so many times, especially for Mulholland Dr.


Yeah forget about the hundreds of thousands of coloured people that got killed and their lives destroyed, there were white people there!


Looks like some rich white people had their vacation ruined!
In all seriousness though, the only Thai character in that trailer was that old lady for Naomi Watts to put her pretty blond head on. Disgusting.


"In 2004 tragedy struck SouthEast Asia and white people were there." Yeah, spot on.



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