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Watch: International Trailer For ‘Great Expectations’ Starring Ralph Fiennes & Helena Bonham Carter

Watch: International Trailer For 'Great Expectations' Starring Ralph Fiennes & Helena Bonham Carter

Literary adaptations are always a hot item in the fall season when more serious films come out to play, and that’s no different in 2012. With “Les Miserables” (based on a book, turned into a stage musical and now a movie), “Anna Karenina” and “Life of Pi” all expected to make big waves in the coming months, one more film will be hoping to earn some attention….at least on the festival circuit.

Mike Newell‘s take on Charles Dickens‘ “Great Expectations” makes its world premiere at TIFF in September, and the first international trailer for the movie has dropped, giving a rather substantial peek at what’s in store. Featuring a pretty strong cast with veterans Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter and Robbie Coltrane starring alongside rising talents like Jeremy Irvine and Holliday Grainger, the David Nicholls-penned film will hopefully do something to make it stand out from the countless versions that have come before. Certainly, the strong ensemble is a good way to start, and while it looks compelling, we’ll see if it’s one worthy of distinction soon enough.

There is no stateside distributor for this yet, but it will open in the U.K. on November 30th. Watch below.

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Simon Paiva

It was about time someone made a new version of Great Expectations, one that can be as faithfull an adaptation of the novel as the 1946 David Lean classic was. I quite enjoyed the 1998 Alfonso Cuaron film, I thought back then that all the actors were perfect in their roles, but that was not a true and faithfull adaptation of the book. I still think Joe Wright should have directed this, but then we would probably get Keira Knightley as Estella, I wouldn't see that working very well.

Oliver Twist

Which are the best adaptations of Great Expectations? Name any 3. I heard David Lean's version is absolutely great , and the 2011 BBC version is also good.

spoiler alert

the tailor did it


I'm impressed. This looks really good!


This looks really, really good. I had (pun) no expectations for this whatever, but I'm excited now


Anne Hathaway & Amy Adams watch out, because I think Helena Bonham Carter is coming for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Next year will be a great battle in the acting categories for the Oscars. Hugh Jackman vs. Joaquin Phoenix vs. Daniel Day Lewis , Helen Hunt vs. Laura Linney vs. Marion Cotillard, Leo DiCaprio vs. Russell Crowe vs. Dwight Henry, and Amy Adams vs. Anne Hathaway vs. Sally Field vs. Helena Bonham Carter. I normally don't break my neck to watch the Oscars, but next year I will.


The way this trailer is cut like this is a suspense thriller or something is hilarious. Great Expecattaions is one of my favourite boooks by Dickens but I can't really get excited about any adaptation anymore. There have been so many and this one doesn't really look like it's doing anything new although the costumes look glorious. I'm sure Helena and Ralph will be great as always though.

Eoin Daly

Helena will blow Gillian out of the water, because she is made for this part

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