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Watch: James Franco Has Gold Bullets In New Clip From Harmony Korine’s ‘Spring Breakers’

Watch: James Franco Has Gold Bullets In New Clip From Harmony Korine's 'Spring Breakers'

Wacky cornrows aren’t the only things James Franco has in Harmony Korine‘s zany “Spring Breakers.” In the latest clip from the film, he brags about the wild assortment of wares his drug-slinging dealer has in his pretty pimped out apartment/house/condo whatever.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine purr and giggle in the background as Franco explains in a pretty wild accent (shades of his “Pineapple Express” bud Danny McBride?) about his shorts, shirts and gold bullets. This is a bit more of the mode we were expecting from the film, which threw us for a loop with its quasi-existential first clip. It should be noted, this is taken from the Venice Film Festival‘s Opening Ceremony reel, hence why it’s so brief. But it’s still worth a quick spin.

If you’re not in Venice, you can catch “Spring Breakers” in Toronto and for everyone else, they’ll likely have to wait until next year. There is no distributor on this one yet. [via The Film Stage]

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The fourth actress in the clip is Rachel Korine not Heather Morris.


This is going to be one weird ass movie. I am looking foraward to it now. For a minute there, I thought Harmony made this movie a bit cleaner but obviously I judged it too quickly.


Riff-raff Frano!


Looks promising but we need a trailer!


Sun, blue, sky, oh yeah baby I want to see this flick happening it’s making me want to hit the beach as we speak! I am looking forward to this flick and yays it’s finally here I’m real excited to see Gomez and Franco. James has done both dramatic and comedic work in projects and has appeared in an eclectic range of films. He also holds multiple degrees and is highly intelligent.
• Franco has a way with the various roles he engages in whatever it may be folks he sure is great at his roles and takes each project very seriously and plays them out like a perfectionist lol!! James Franco being "one of the best actors of his generation" an avid A-Lister who has a vision and carries out his craft in such fashion that other A-Listers fail to do which stands him out from the other successful actors in Hollywood. He's one of the most talented directors an admirable man who has accomplished an indefinite amount of projects I see an Oscar headed toward his direction soon!!


These clips have actually been pretty impressive so far.


It sounds like Franco's character is a cross between Krispy Kreme and Ryan Lochte.


Franco looks and sounds great. This movie will be awesome. Oh, Franco also sounds nothing like Red in Pineapple Express? Anyway, hurry up 2013.


Motherfucking vampires.

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