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Watch: Liam Hemsworth Discovers Hippies, Goes AWOL In Trailer For ‘Love And Honor’

Watch: Liam Hemsworth Discovers Hippies, Goes AWOL In Trailer For 'Love And Honor'

With the Vietnam war raging, one man will make a decision that tests his own morals, ethics and view on American life: fight for his country or go skinny dipping with Teresa Palmer? Yes, those are quandaries Liam Hemsworth faces in “Love and Honor,” the kind of movie Channing Tatum used to do.

First-time director Danny Mooney takes on the script penned by Jim Burnstein and Garrett Schiff that is apparently based on a true story of an American soldier who gets dumped while serving overseas and goes AWOL with his buddy to win back his girlfriend, only to fall for someone else entirely. And also learn about hippies and anti-war protesting along the way. Shot with an autumnal sheen worthy of Thomas Kinkade, this sales trailer is some pretty soppy, sappy stuff that doesn’t know an emotional beat it can’t beat down with a sledgehammer. So yes, you will get a scene of Palmer tearfully imploring Hemsworth don’t go. Also: we didn’t know they made teal Che Guevara shirts.

The film is currently without distribution, but we’d wager it’ll find a home and satiate the demographic that’s out there for this thing. We’re just not it. Watch below.[Vlicious!]

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Elaina snow

Noone wore Che shirts in the 60's!


Wow, does this look terrible. Lousy drama, but also lousy sense of place, time, and historical political dynamics. And did the one guy really say that if the military thinks they're deserters "They'll hang our asses?" Because that is absolutely, positively not true–the last soldier executed for desertion by the US Army was Eddie Slovik in 1945 (by firing squad, not hanging), and he was the only one punished that way since the Civil War. No American soldier would ever have been hung for deserting during Vietnam, though he would no doubt have been court-martialled and possibly imprisoned.


Is it just me or does this not even slightly look like it's set during the Vietnam War?

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