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Watch Michael K. Williams In Brooding Trailer For Drama ‘W8’

Watch Michael K. Williams In Brooding Trailer For Drama 'W8'

I got excited when I saw this trailer the first time, because it’s put together well, stars Michael K Williams, and was directed by Rik Cordero (S&A readers might remember that he directed an acclaimed feature film called Inside A Change 3 years ago, which starred Ephraim Benton).

But when I found it was a short film, my heart sunk a bit. I was hoping it was a feature length film that we hadn’t covered yet. It’s not, but I’m still excited to see the rest of it.

It premiered in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and the trailer surfaced yesterday on YouTube.

Titled W8, the film’s synopsis reads:

When notorious street hustler Dee (Michael K. Williams) takes his protege Jay (Dion Sapp) on a tour of the streets, they are forced into a complex question of morality when a young mother Tana (Nancy Mitchell) enters the equation.

The screenplay was written by Dion Sapp, who co-stars in the film.

No word on where the film will screen next, but likely on the film festival circuit. 

Watch the moody trailer below:

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Rgordon3398: saw this film in France right before Kanye West premiere of "Cruel Summer". they were honestly the two best shorts that where there. and like Nancy said, the film is NOTHING like what you're referring to. i can only assume you didn't see it. the ending is so unexpected!!! REALLY UNEXPECTED. kudos to the casting and writing for real. hope to see the full length if it s made into one.



Without giving anything away… Your assumption is not what happens..


NDamn I wanted to love this movie. I appreciate it when Black actors are allowed to show a range of emotions on screen. Unfortunately, the fact that there's a young white woman in this film means there is every chance in the world it will be yet another "Black Man will do anything to ensure the safety and comfort of his assigned white woman. " Sorry, I've driven Miss Daisy far enough. And, no disrespect to the memory of freshly deceased director Tony Scott, but "Man on Fire," set in Mexico, about a white girl with a dedicated Negro protector, was a veritable pean to White Supremacy. Seriously, enough already.

Adam Scott Thompson

Interest piqued.


Courtney why your heart sinked? What wrong with a short film?

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