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Watch Orlando Jones as Bobby Seale in New Trailer for ‘Chicago 8’ (+ New Poster and Stills)

Watch Orlando Jones as Bobby Seale in New Trailer for 'Chicago 8' (+ New Poster and Stills)

Based on actual court transcripts from 1968, The Chicago 8 tells the story of the eight anti-war protesters charged with conspiring to cause riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

The film will be released on nationwide On-Demand September 4th, 2012.

Orlando Jones co-stars in the film as Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, and one of the original accused “Chicago 8.” Gary Cole, Philip Baker Hall, Danny Masterson, Mayim Bialik, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Steven Culp also star.

Historically the trial has also been referred to as the “Chicago Seven,” since Seale’s trial was eventually severed from the others. Apparently after Seale was denied a postponement of his trial and denied the right to represent himself, he hurled such verbal insults at the judge that he was bound and gagged in court, and eventually sentenced to four years in prison for contempt. The other seven accused were eventually acquitted.

If the below trailer is any indication, you can expect some of these details to be covered in the movie. This trailer focuses specifically on the story of Bobby Seale.

Below that, you’ll find the official poster and new stills from the film.

For more on The Chicago 8, visit the film’s website HERE.

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"Our complexity and humanity is rich and deep. Yet, we seem to expend more energy here pointing out how White people are marginalizing us then actually talking about that complexity and that humanity." – Charles How do we get past this disconnect because it seems as if you want this aspect of one's humanity removed from the dialogue whereas other communities would not be required to do so given they do not have to defend the existence of their communities throughout their day-to-day lives therefore it is not as annoying to hear about it from their lips. What is the compromise?


It looks like an over the top, over dramatic and badly acted play. Why is everybody yelling so much!!! Did Samuel Jackson direct it? Smh.



david da

wasn't this attached to speilsburg (sp) at one time? what a fall off…lol I hope it does well though, this is something that should have been waaaaaay bigger though.


The obsession with putting token Black talent on the end of a promotional shot, where they'll hopefully go unnoticed, is so fucking played out. Yet the related character is important enough to get a trailer revolving around him. We need our voices represented in marketing departments too.

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