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Watch ‘Outrageous’ TV Commercial Parody ‘Voodoo Mama’

Watch 'Outrageous' TV Commercial Parody 'Voodoo Mama'

A close friend of mine who felt this short was outrageous sent me this mock TV commerical for a fictional hot sause called Voodoo Mama. It stars Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider Man, Harry Potter films and Notting Hill) and Bilonda Mfunyi.

It was shot on location in Spain and written and directed by Spanish director Martin (AKA Marcos) Kuhne, and from what I’ve read about it, it’s been called “laugh out loud” funny, and “hysterical“.

Funny thing is that my friend wasn’t laughing when she saw it, and I didn’t either. And I’m willing to bet you won’t either (Well most of you, since there are always those clueless ones who feel they have to go the other way).

Take a look at what the hilarity is all about:

H/t to Cleo Wilson

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Strangely…while I was a student and on a trip to Spain, several Spanish 'gentlemen' who proceeded to follow me around were pretty much making the same gestures in my direction. It definitely wasn't funny then. This says a whole lot to me about certain elements of Spanish culture. Sadly, it appears not much has changed in attitudes. I guess the ignorance that abounded in the late 90s in Spain continues today.


Well I can honestly say that commercial has nothing to do with me, but both actors do look like complete idiot's, it was more disgusting then funny.

Geneva Girl

You just posted this to start some mess!

    Marcus Kuhne

    Who’s Martin Kuhne haha where did that come from?

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